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Yoram Yasur Izz: Things you should know about managing money

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Yoram Yasur Izz | Money and relationships: the most typical obsessions of the human being. And today we are going to talk about both. More specifically, how to improve our relationship with money. This is what you should know about how to manage money: No.1 Live on less than you earn: This is the first and perhaps the most difficult to follow advice: live on less than we earn and save or reverse the difference, according to Sara Blakely, author and founder of The Belly Art Project. No.2 Build something the world loves: Yoram Yasur Izz: “If you want to make lots of money, you have to build something that the world loves. If you’re not making money it’s because what you have to offer does not interest people, is Amy Wilkinson, author of Creator’s Code: 6 Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs”. No.3 Learn how to handle money: Not only do…

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Yoram Yasur Izz: Is there really such a thing as aphrodisiac food?

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Yoram Yasur Izz | Edible aphrodisiacs have been used since antiquity and are believed to help increasing the libido, lust and even fertility. Some of the so-called popular aphrodisiacs include oysters, champagne, chilies and chocolate. But the question is: do they really work? The answer is complicated. According to experts, to be a true aphrodisiac is a substance has to provoke sexual desire and many of the foods that are believed to be aphrodisiacs offer subjective tests, which makes the effects of consumption of known aphrodisiacs are difficult to prove scientifically. However, what is known is that some foods can benefit your sexual well-being, and many foods that are believed to be aphrodisiacs are helping to maintain a healthy sex drive. From a strictly scientific point of view, these are foods that could actually have aphrodisiac effects. No.1 Ginseng: Yoram Yasur Izz: “This herb is used to boost athletic performance and…

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Yoram Yasur: What if you turn stress into success?

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Yoram Yasur | You could say that stress has become the deadliest weapon of the 21st century. And the most ironic of the case is that we ourselves create it and allow it to take over our lives. What is stress? Although we cannot explain exactly what it is. We all absolutely know how that mixture of anxiety. And restlessness makes us feel when it invades us. And today everyone talks about it as a sensation more: cold, heat, fun. Stress and suffering has become completely normal. Even those who do not stress tend to believe that the problem is them. But if you belong to the group of who are always stressed. It’s time to decide that it is enough and to prioritize your health. But since stress is magically impossible to disappear. You can propose to turn it into something positive that helps you to perform better. Plan,…

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Yoram Yasur: Let´s talk about Traits of leaders

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Yoram Yasur  | It is said that many of the most renowned leaders in history were born with an extraordinary ability to gather others around and inspire greatness. Their stories and leadership qualities have been mythologized and serve as beacons for today’s hopeful entrepreneurs. But there is the danger of putting too much burden on the replication of another person’s management style. Why? Because there is no right way to become a great leader. Growing up in a leadership role is not an all-or-nothing process, black or white. No two people are exactly alike and trying to simply print the style of another successful leader on your own company’s road map does not always work. The path to becoming a great leader is highly personal. Being a leader requires some degree of visibility; Employees are not only looking for leaders to target specific projects and entrepreneurial initiatives, they are also…

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Yoram Yasur: Your smartphone size determines your assertiveness

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Yoram Yasur | Smartphones are a part of our lives. They help us stay in communication and connected. However, few people are aware that these devices also influence their decisions. Attitudes, and behaviors. A study carried out at Harvard University indicates that the size of the mobile affects. Our level of assertiveness when it comes to relating to others. In practice, people with smaller mobiles are less assertive than those who use smartphones. Or other more generously sized devices. The smaller the device, the less prone you will be to claim your rights: The experiment involved 75 people. Who were randomly assigned to perform different tasks on different devices. The researchers used the full range of sizes of Apple products: An iPod Touch, an iPad, a MacBook Pro, and an iMac. Upon completion of the assignments, the researcher addressed each participant and said: “I will be back in five minutes…

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Yoram Yasur: What you should know about beer foam

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Yoram Yasur | When drinking beer in a meeting with friends, the one who serves must know how to serve it depending on the tastes of each one. How many times have you heard “with foam or without foam”? Is that the foam is impossible to ignore in beer … But what exactly is the foam? Can the foam change according to the glass or beer? Why does your beer have foam, but does not have it that was served to your side? Behind the mysteries of the foam there are many scientific answers that you will want to know. Foaming: When the beer has foam it is obvious that it happens by creating bubbles. There is a long group of proteins that can act in-group or individually to form the foaming agents. One particular protein found naturally in barley is lipid transfer protein 1 (LTP1) and plays a large…

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Yoram Yasur: Which countries make the best beer?

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Yoram Yasur  | If you love beer, you will surely want to know which countries stand out for quality. And innovation when it comes to making it… And if you were not aware, here we show you some of those countries. (If you think about traveling, they should be first in the list). Ireland: Thinking in Ireland means thinking about drinking beer in a pub. The country is sixth in the consumption of beer per capita and, in case you did not know, the explosion of the breweries in that country is a recent event. Less than a decade ago, only five breweries controlled the market, but today the number is 50. Newcomers such as White Hag, Galway Bay Brewery and Trouble Brewing are making a mark on artisanal beer lovers. If you travel to Ireland you already know where to start … New Zealand: New Zealand’s agriculture has helped…

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Yoram Yasur: What traits do Facebook posts reveal?

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Yoram Yasur  | With 1,710 million users and 934 million people entering every day, Facebook has become the social network par excellence. In this space, we upload the photos of our trips, the people we love and share what interests us. However, we do not all publish the same thing. There are those who basically share personal experiences such as the details of their last dinner or their fantastic trip, others use this social network to express their love for people in their immediate surroundings and even some who use it as a political battlefield. This diversity indicates that our profile in this social network has become, in a way, an extension of us and a reflection of some of our personality characteristics. That’s why psychologists at the University of Brunel were dedicated to assessing the relationship between the publications we share on Facebook and our personality. They analyzed 555…

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Yoram Yasur Izz: How sports sponsorship contracts work?

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Yoram Yasur Izz | Why does a company spend millions to have its logo on an athlete’s chest? What do companies gain by relating their image to a specific sport, team, or player? Winning a competition gives glory, but it also ensures great business. Félix Plaza is a partner in the Tax Law department of Garrigues. But sometimes they let him do more fun things. They pass through their hands a good part of the contracts of the elite Spanish athletes. And of the foreigners who exercise in Spain. He knows what they sign better than their representatives. Per Plaza, the agreements are essentially “either contracts for the transfer of image rights. To participate in advertisements or record radio tapes. Or a mixture between that and a service contract if what is wanted Link. The athlete with the brand in the longer term. ” The second is the reason why,…

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Yoram Yasur Izz: Green cleaning our home

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Yoram Yasur Izz | Cleaning the house is a task, that like it or not, we have to do periodically to maintain a pleasant environment for all members of the household. But there are many ways to clean. Do you know the ecological way? Cleaning is an activity that starts from planning the grocery list to buying products with which to facilitate cleaning and these can be from water and simple soap to more sophisticated products that help us perform these tasks faster and much better. However, when it comes to our home and our family thinking about their wellbeing is one of the concerns that usually come to our head when we want to keep our home perfectly neat and this in turn leads us to think about the environment and products that we use. For this reason, we want to propose some tips to clean your home in a…