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Yoram Yasur Izz: Green cleaning our home

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Yoram Yasur Izz | Cleaning the house is a task, that like it or not, we have to do periodically to maintain a pleasant environment for all members of the household. But there are many ways to clean. Do you know the ecological way?

Cleaning is an activity that starts from planning the grocery list to buying products with which to facilitate cleaning and these can be from water and simple soap to more sophisticated products that help us perform these tasks faster and much better.

However, when it comes to our home and our family thinking about their wellbeing is one of the concerns that usually come to our head when we want to keep our home perfectly neat and this in turn leads us to think about the environment and products that we use. For this reason, we want to propose some tips to clean your home in a way that is less aggressive to the environment and that we can contribute to the health of our family in a responsible way.

To clean you can use the following products:

Vinegar: Vinegar helps to disinfect and remove grease stains so you’ll be able to clean mirrors, tiles and even floors, plus it can be used to wash the dishes.

Baking soda: baking soda is very useful for washing clothes and shoes, cleaning stoves or kitchens, in addition to helping to recover the shine of faucets, sinks or metal accessories, also the baking soda is perfect for cleaning the oven.

Olive Oil: Olive oil is very useful for cleaning and polishing surfaces and wooden furniture especially if it is combined with lemon juice. It can also serve to restore gloss on furniture or leather goods.

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice works very like vinegar, but this can help you to remove mold and give shine to surfaces. In addition, if combined with salt we can clean different surfaces and metals such as copper.

Ecological cleaning: reuse everything you can:

“This is one of the bases of ecological cleaning. Many times, we throw a lot of product to the trash that can still have other uses. It is important that before throwing something we analyze it and think if it can serve us something more”.

For example, the boxes or cans can have a second use to store food in the pantry. Use them as pens, grocers, store jewelry and if we give a much better “pretty hand”. On the web you can find many tutorials to reuse many Packaging and items we normally discard.

Open windows more often:

A ventilated house is a great way to maintain a clean and fresh environment. This will help to get rid of the bad smells that are impregnated in the home. And in this way, we can dispense with the use of sprays or flavoring products. In addition to the smells if in your residence there is a lot of humidity. The rays of the Sun and the circulation of the air in your house prevents the formation of fungus. Or mold in your home”.

You do not need to keep windows and doors open all day. As this could be the completely opposite effect to what we are looking for. But 15 to 10 minutes and letting the air circulate is a good way to freshen up your home.

Use organic cleaning supplies:

Most of the cleaning articles we use are usually made of plastic and to reduce pollution. Take advantage of those made of organic materials such as cellulose sponges. Those made with recycled products, natural fibers, or glass, etc. To avoid contamination with this type of products. In addition you can also buy refillable presentations of some soaps. Or cleaning fluids in this way we avoid spending and consuming more plastics in our home.

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