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By 2020, there is a greater interest in everything alive, emphasizing the connection between human beings and nature. Natural and organic materials, such as wood floors, stone, daylight and plant life, remind us of the exterior and give us the exterior and nature.

It tends to create small corners to get rid of televisions, computers, mobiles and all the technology that invades us. Yoram Yasur Izz: A small interior garden can be perfect for this. A fluffy sofa facing the interior garden, can provide great comfort for a relaxing moment in contact with the plants.

Some of the trends for this 2020 are:

  • Industrial

Some of the distinctive features of industrial house design include exposed brick walls, metal shelves, wood and industrial materials such as plumbing pipes. Furniture is generally simple and discreet. The decoration is minimalist, since what stands out are the architectural features.

  • Nordic

Yoram Yasur Izz: The rooms designed in the Scandinavian style as we recognize it today, tend to boast white walls to emphasize light, a palette of neutral and heavy colors with touches of color, natural textures such as wood and stone. Curtains and rustic carpets, and simple, uncomplicated designs that emphasize an elegantly minimalist aesthetic.

  • Wabi Sabi

It’s about highlighting the beauty of the old and worn. Articles inherited from previous generations, findings in second-hand markets, DIY projects, folk art and vintage pieces coexist very well in these new decoration styles, providing contrasting textures and many patterns and colors. This is one of the trends in decoration that will continue to boom. Worn-looking pieces add a lot of texture and personality to a room.

  • Warm natural materials

Yoram Yasur Izz: Natural materials such as wood, mud or wicker, will replace the cold marble, which was booming in recent years. The natural texture of the cane or rattan will also be widely used to add interest to the rooms.

  • Terracotta Tiles

Warm materials in floors and walls such as terracotta tiles, will replace cold materials in white or neutral tones today. Unlike the 80s, they will have a natural matte finish, and will be used in floors and wall cladding, as well as in chimneys.

  • Dark woods

The furniture is leaning towards darker colors. We are moving away from pale and bleached woods that were enormously popular thanks to the Scandinavian trend of recent years. This year, darker wood tones bring a resurgence of retro glamor and provide a new vision of modern luxury. In addition, wood remains a trend, especially when combined with other materials such as glass and metal, in very valuable and original design solutions.

So as you can see, the design trends are also trying to adopt or reflect that environmental consciences and look and feel, make your own inspiration board on how to adopt these and bringing them into your home!

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