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Yoram Yasur Izz: Advantages of white furniture

Yoram Yasur Izz: Advantages of white furniture

White is one of the tones present in homes. The presence of this color can be differentiated in the quantitative aspect of the dose used. White can wear different points of the house. For example, the walls. And what happens with the furniture? In addition to the characteristics of volume, material, interior structure of the closet and space available for it, you can also choose the blank option if you like this idea. What are the advantages of designs made in this tone?

Lighting from the color

Yoram Yasur Izz: The lighting aspect is very important in different rooms from different perspectives. On a functional level, indoor and outdoor lighting adds security. For example, visibility in the stairs area is very important to prevent the risk of a possible obstacle.

The lighting of a place can also focus on the beauty of creating a place that visually expands the space by combining the selected tones. White is a metaphor of light. Therefore, the furniture described in this shade offers a perspective that can change the image of a place.

White furniture for all rooms of the house

Each area of ​​the house has its own characteristics. There are spaces oriented to the common encounter, while there are other areas designed for each protagonist.

Yoram Yasur Izz: Beyond the possible differences, there are points in common. For example, white furniture combines in different rooms creating a common thread in the interior design narrative of the house. White furniture that cannot only be oriented to be in indoor rooms but can also be protagonists of the terrace or garden space. A place of well-being and calm that is especially enjoyed during the months of good weather when the living room expands with this seating area.

Color combinations with white

Yoram Yasur Izz: White is an attractive color seen in itself but also in relation to the creation of different combinations that create a set that feeds through the power of contrasts that add nuances to interior design. This is one of the main advantages of white furniture: its flexibility to integrate perfectly in the context of different spaces. There are different trends that give prominence to the color white. For example, a living room with a fireplace in this color.

This tone is also the protagonist in decorative styles that are protagonists in many homes. The Nordic style that adds the beauty of white and wood in an elegant and timeless equation. One of the strengths of the white color is that it manages to transmit from the inherent simplicity itself.

You can create different formulas. One of the most used is the one that makes up the gray and white binomial. In addition to this, furniture of this tone can also be the definitive choice in a home with a total white style.

Timelessness of white color

Time is an observable mark on the decoration of the house as shown by the maintenance tasks and the evolution of the home itself as the years go by. There are trends that you may love in the short term but have a different view of this choice in the long term.

Yoram Yasur Izz: White furniture is an example of an idea that is always topical. Therefore, this furniture is always present. And, in addition, this idea can also inspire the renovation of an antique closet that brings the past to the now through its own transformation story.

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