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Yoram Yasur Izz: Arabic style décor

Yoram Yasur Izz: Arabic style décor

Would you like the exoticism of Arabia and the magic of the One Thousand and One Nights to fall into the decoration of your home? Today we provide inspiration patterns and models to dress your living rooms, rooms, and bedrooms (even bathrooms, if you wish!) Of this particular decorative style, which has become a trend for several seasons.

Pay attention to the following lines of this article and discover how to decorate interiors with Arabic style to give a very special and magical touch to the different spaces of your home.

Decoration with Arabic style

Yoram Yasur Izz: The Arabic style is a great source of inspiration for interior design. It is a style that recovers the typical decoration of the houses of Morocco and Arabia, homes full of details, bathed in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort, something that we will try to move to our rooms. You can have some ideas by visiting http://photo-xpeditions.com/

Many people are seduced by Arab exoticism. Some designers use extravagant furniture and unique and exclusive details indoors, although we can do it with a much tighter budget. You can choose to start implementing the Arabic style in that room whose appearance you want to change (even, just a corner, like a corner chill out in the living room) and, if you like it, gradually introduce it into the house. Remember that within this trend, there are many substyles (more luxurious, simpler, very colorful, or more sober …) and you just have to find the one that most seduces you.

Colors of a Moroccan or Arabic decoration

Yoram Yasur Izz: Remember the predominance of colors to use (red, orange, yellow, gold, silver and some details in a blue and green that suggest luxury and liveliness) and that you will have to integrate essential pieces, such as a sofa with curved lines, coffee tables wood, a set of tea, large chandeliers, golden ceiling lamps and maybe some screen or low wall lined with a paper with a border with bright colors.

It is not necessary that you strictly follow the steps dictated by this style. You can opt for more neutral colors to be combined by warm or alive ones. A single detail of clear Arabic inspiration can suffice, such as curtains, a silk fabric in a corner of your bedroom or lattice doors.

Yoram Yasur Izz: Other colors that will also be perfect in your Arab style, although they do not have the strength of oranges and yellows, are the color bone and sand color, which emulates the desert. Both are not used independently, but combined with other more vivid colors, but are perfect to serve as a base for sofas, walls, or curtains. Other colors very well considered are beige, almond, chocolate, cinnamon, yellow similar to curry, coral, salmon, or eggplant. If you do not like so much warm colors and prefer to dispense with the ostentatiousness that sometimes gives gold, recreates a nice atmosphere with shades of unpretentious blues and oranges, always trying to create a warm atmosphere that invites you to spend long hours in the room, which is the specific objective of this particular style.

Arabic style furniture

If you can only choose a piece of furniture that is completely Arabic, decide for the sofa, which occupies a point of enormous importance in Moroccan houses, not in vain our word comes from the Arabic word “suffah”, which means “bank”. In antique shops or specialized in this type of decoration that has more followers, you will find wonderful selections of them and it will not be complicated to find, by Internet, a good offer.

Yoram Yasur Izz: The tables are important, but they are much easier and cheaper to obtain. Almost any wooden table will serve us. The wooden furniture is predominant in the Arab trend, although many are adorned with abstract and geometric details. As we have said, tea tables with polygonal shapes, small auxiliary tables and doors with a lateral and superior decoration are details to be considered, as well as curtains made of woven fabric.

Textiles and accessories for an Arab style room

Coming to textiles to decorate interiors with Arabic style, those colorful textiles with a very rich diversity of textures and drawings stand out. The Arabs do not skimp on the quality of their fabrics, so your cushions, curtains, tapestries, and tablecloths must be -or, at least, seem- of great quality. They are present on almost every piece of furniture in the room, made of silk, satin, velvet, or cashmere. Regarding the prints that adorn the fabrics, you will find thick or thin lines, zigzag, imitating Arabic calligraphy and all kinds of geometric and abstract designs.

Finally, the accessories, as we have said, are fundamental for the environments. It will cost you little to find a copper or brass tea set, with its teapot, cups, and corresponding serving tray, perfect for rooms or patios.

The ceramic, also simple to achieve, will be present in decolor glasses, vases, and all kinds of accessories. Trunks, mirrors, and benches are also very important and the style recovers the comfortable and practical Moroccan poufs, which are used either as a seat or as a footrest. For a very low price, we can buy lanterns and lanterns (which will also give us a very different and intimate lighting), lamps of colored morocco or wall sconces, also to give light, brass, or copper.

Where to acquire the Arabic decoration details

Once we have clear the basic principles to recreate the spirit of the Thousand and One Nights in our interiors (or outdoor areas, such as patios or terraces), we will think how and where to acquire the elements that we need. Although it is a style that tends to luxury, as we have said, there are many kinds of decorating interiors with Arabic style. If you have been in a nearby country, such as Morocco, you will surely remember the way of decorating the houses and it is more than likely that you have bought some carpet, candlestick, or leather lamp. If so, you already have a perfect element to start dressing our rooms.

If this is not the case, do not worry. Arabic style and culture are in vogue and the offer has grown a lot in recent years, so it will be very easy to find everything you need with a tight budget.

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