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Yoram Yasur Izz: Benefits of a travel agency

Yoram Yasur Izz| Although there are those who prefer to travel on their own and buy tickets and other tourist services via Internet, others prefer to do it through a travel agency. Although the Internet is filled with tempting promotions that promise incredible prices and a dream vacation, many of these deals end up being a fiasco and even a fraud.

When buying online, consider the source and reputation of the portal that offers such services and be wary when they offer very low prices. But it you want to feel safe when buying your trip it is recommended to travel through a certified agency. Security, support and even the prices are some of the advantages.

– A travel agency offers advice, experience, good prices, and needs for the trip.

You don’t waste time looking around.

– When you go on a family vacation, the idea is to avoid even the slightest inconvenience.

“The travel agent, who knows the destinations and your needs, is able to make recommendations”.

– When traveling on your own or buying packages or tickets on the Internet, it is very difficult, almost impossible for someone to answer, or at least give you a hand in a moment of difficulty. A travel agency has the ability and commitment to solve any requirement of its customers at all times.

– Travel through a travel agency is not more expensive. On the contrary, there they can help you find the best deals on tickets and accommodation prices as well as plans and activities. Also, if you plan your trip with time, you can, through the agency, find more opportunities to save. The plus is that agencies are connected to all airlines, hotels and plans in one system and that is not possible from your home computer.

– When you are a novice traveler and don’t know handling at airports and how to move abroad, inconvenience that can damage your trip often appear. An agency organizes the itinerary, transfers and connections.

– Not all travel agencies are reliable.

Yoram Yasur Izz:

“Before doing any business, look for information from the agency with which you have made contact.

If possible visit the facility and ask for their reputation.

This is a way to limit the possibility of fraud”.

– Verify that the agency has the current National Tourism Registry. It is a mandatory document for all tour operators in different countries.

It should be in a conspicuous place within the premises of the company.

– Be wary of deals well below the normal value of their package or travel plan. These are often a fraud.

– When paying check that deposits are made in an account of the agency. Always ask for a sales invoice that includes the logo. Also company registry number, telephone and address.

– Learn and don’t be afraid to ask the travel advisor what are the conditions of the product you are buying, especially regarding cancellations.


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