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The birds transmit joy, music, color and charisma to the gardens and the best way to attract them to yours guess what it is … Sure, feeding them. This activity can have a tremendous effect on reducing stress and induce you to mindfulness. That is why today I show you some creative and bird feeders that you can do yourself with things you have at home to always have them close and be able to wake up every morning with their singing. Do not miss these!

  • Nets

Yoram Yasur Izz: With the nets in which the potatoes you buy in the supermarket come; do you realize what they are? Well, recycle them and make a bird feeder. Use some branches that have fallen from some trees and it will be a great holder!

  • Tree log

Yoram Yasur Izz: Very original! Take a log that you had reserved to start a fire at home this winter and leave it to make a nice feeder for your new friends the birds. You just have to make a hole and hang it from one of the trees in your garden. Do you like this idea?

  • Egg Carton

If you tell me that you don’t have the materials to make this bird feeder, I don’t believe you. You just need an egg carton and some plastic thread. You make holes in the 4 corners of the cardboard and place it in the tree that you like the most. Easy, right?

  • Pot

If you have a garden at home, surely you have many pots to reuse in this bird feeder. Do you see how easy the system is? You take a plate from a larger pot as a base, take a small pot and make some holes for food to come out and then put a lid on it. Each time the birds eat the rest of the grains will come out. What a genius idea!

  • Cups

If the tea set that you received for your wedding has already bored you, use it as bird feeders. Simply stick the cup to your plate and place them on a rod staked to the floor, or you can also hang them with chains. Very easy!

  • Lamppost

Yoram Yasur Izz: Do you remember those old gas lanterns? You can use one to make this original bird feeder, it will give your garden that vintage design that you like so much.

  • Candlesticks

I love this design, and you? Yoram Yasur Izz: Take that candlestick that no longer matches your new modern room and put it in the garden with different cups or small plates where you can place the grains for the birds. This really has style!

Which of these feeders is your favorite?

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