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Yoram Yasur Izz: Children’s room décor evolution

Yoram Yasur Izz: Children’s room décor evolution

The children’s room is much more than the place where our children sleep. It is the space where they play, study, and begin to discover the world. Therefore, its decoration must be functional and practical, but also capable of stimulating the imagination and the desire to learn of our little ones.

Yoram Yasur Izz: One of the peculiarities of children’s spaces is that, in their planning, changes in decoration and furniture that will bring about the new needs that appear during the child’s development must be considered. So, let’s go step by step in the design of these growing rooms. Take note!

– Baby’s room

From birth to the first year of life, the baby’s needs are limited to sleeping, eating, and taking care of daily hygiene. Consequently, the room must be comfortable and highly functional. In addition to the bassinet or crib, it is essential to have a drawer unit to store clothes.

Yoram Yasur Izz: We also recommend a changing table: there are some that can be transformed into a chest of drawers when the child no longer needs diapers. You will want to have it! It is very practical to add a low chair that serves to breastfeed our baby. A floor lamp can accompany this. To complete the furniture in your room, it is enough with some shelves to store the stuffed animals and some children’s games, in order to maintain order.

– Children’s room when they crawl

Little by little, the child begins to develop his psychomotor skills. It is then time to divide the room into two areas: that of rest and that of play. The furniture should be attached to the wall to leave a free space in the center where the baby can move freely and comfortably. You can choose to place a park. As for the decoration of the walls, we recommend opting for soft but bright shades, such as yellow, green, or blue. It is better to avoid seeing bright colors from the cradle, as they can be too exciting.

– From 2 to 6 years old

From the age of two, the child already sleeps in a bed, which can, in turn, serve to delimit the play space. The bed must be a minimum of 1.50 long, but if it is to last for many years it must be 1.90 or 2 m.

Our son will begin to have new hobbies that must be accommodated in the room. In this way, it is essential to create a striking and spacious play area. Thus, in the space that was previously used for the park, you can include a small table with chairs to suit you, where the child can paint, play, or read a story.

Yoram Yasur Izz: Keep in mind that from the age of four, it is important that children participate in decorating their room. You have to let them express their preferences and apply them, as much as possible, so that they feel that it really is their space.

– From 7 to 11 years old

Little by little the child’s interests and hobbies increase, so the number of his belongings also grows. It is at this time when we must expand the storage capacity of the room. Thus, to the furniture it will be necessary to add a wardrobe -if there was none-, or expand it, where to organize daily and seasonal clothing, shoes, and accessories, as well as bedding.

Yoram Yasur Izz: We can now remove the small table and, instead, we can put a table and a chair of normal height to create a study area where, in addition to doing his homework, our son can place his computer. Among the furniture, shelves are increasingly necessary to place toys and books, among other objects. Do not forget to install a coat rack that will also help to maintain order.

– From 11 years old

In this stage of life that extends until the end of adolescence, it is important that the room has a pleasant and carefree environment, where the child and his friends feel comfortable.

Space for clothing and hobbies is now the priority. Also, you will probably start to impose your tastes and preferences regarding the layout and decoration of your room. We advise you to be patient! Surely you will need to increase storage capacity by adding transformable or stacking modules. If necessary and space allows, we suggest you place another closet.

Regarding the bed, the nest ones are the most suitable so that you can invite friends to sleep without it implying space problems. A futon or sofa bed can also do the same thing.

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