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Yoram Yasur Izz: choose closets for home

Yoram Yasur Izz: How to choose closets for your home

The closet is one of the essential elements in a house and as such, today it would be very difficult to live without it. Throughout history it is a piece that has undergone a great transformation, going from having a mere storage mission to becoming a tremendously functional decorative furniture in interior design projects. For this reason we reveal the keys to choose closets and succeed in your decision.

Tips for choosing your home’s closets

Yoram Yasur Izz: The possibilities when designing and configuring a closet are endless. Currently it is possible to create and choose custom cabinets for any corner of our homes. In this way we can take advantage of the spaces better than ever and have our house in order. But before opting for a model or closet design, we must know the typologies that exist and their possibilities.

– Sliding doors

Sliding door cabinets are perfect for small spaces or when they are very close to other furniture, such as the bed. These types of doors allow us to open and close without preventing the passage.

– Matching

The doors of the closets matching the carpentry of the house allow us to integrate them with the decoration in a harmonious way. In this way we will create a visually integrated and balanced set.

– Embedded

The built-in wardrobes are the most suitable option to make the most of our room’s meters. A recessed design allows us to use all the space up to the ceiling, so that we will have more storage capacity.

– Custom cabinets

Tailor-made designs are more expensive, but much more functional, since they adapt to the exact measurements of the space and allow the creation of unique design cabinets adapted to the needs of each family. In this way you can take advantage of gaps under the stairs, open doors and windows, attic ceilings, etc.

– Wall to wall

Yoram Yasur Izz: If we cover a wall completely with a closet, we will provide a feeling of lightness, since it will look like one of the walls of the room. In addition, these cabinets have a large capacity.

– Dressing closet

Yoram Yasur Izz: The dressing rooms are nowadays one of the most demanded storage solutions when choosing closets. Take advantage of a small room that we use as a storage room and transform it into a dressing room will give us ample space to store the clothes and accessories of the whole family. If you choose this option, do not forget to leave a central space to move freely.

– Everything in sight

It is a perfect solution for small apartments and for rent. Choosing an open closet without doors will facilitate a future move. We can hide the elements using light curtains or screens.

– Independent

Exempt cabinets bring personality to a house, as they allow us to select vintage pieces with history or models with contemporary designs.

– Headboards cabinets

If you have a large bedroom with an integrated dressing room, a very practical solution is to design a custom closet right at the headboard of the bed. In addition to getting more storage space we will create a room separator element.

– Invisible

If we choose a recessed design, with invisible cabinet doors of simple lines, smooth fronts, same carpentry, and color as the rest of the space, we will camouflage it in such a way that it can go unnoticed in the eyes, blending with the architectural elements. It is also a type of decoration trend solution.

And now, do you know which closet to choose for your home? If not please note some ideas that will make you think how to create good spaces for your love ones.

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