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Yoram Yasur Izz: Choosing colors to paint house façade

Yoram Yasur Izz: Choosing the colors to paint a house façade

The facade is the letter of introduction to any house and, although sometimes we do not create it, it says a lot about its interior and the inhabitants who live in it. Therefore, it is important to keep this part of the house well, taking care of the ornamental elements, architectural aspects, materials, vegetation and, of course, the colors.

When choosing the color for the façade it is important to consider the environment, since the building will be in the same visual field. Thus, we must think about factors such as light, contrast, the texture of the surface, the size of the painted area, and the distance and direction from which it is observed. In addition, it is important to look at the color of the roof or exterior parameters and check that there are no restrictions of color ranges in your neighborhood or municipality. Taking all this into account, here’s how to choose colors to paint the facade of a house.

Painting the facade of a house with neutral colors

Although there is no ideal color for the facade of a house, the most used are the neutral tones, especially white. This repels the rays of the sun, making the walls do not heat too much, so it is widely used in warm and coastal areas such as Andalusia. On the other hand, other neutral colors such as gray or black are not used to paint fronts, although medium and soft grays can be seen in modern constructions.

Painting the house facade with natural and muted colors

Natural colors such as beige and all shades of browns or earth colors are also recommended. These types of colors are usually very relaxing to look at, which makes housing at home also more enjoyable. In addition, they tend to choose low saturated or off tones that are usually combined with white or with a softer and darker tone of the same range.

Painting the facade of a house with bright colors

However, bright colors such as red or fuchsia are not usually a good alternative to paint walls, as they can tire quickly and look too strident because natural light enhances color and highlights it in its surroundings, where usually Colors are neutral and off. Also, as we said, such a striking color can alter our emotional state, and even get nervous over time.

Painting the facade of a house combining colors

Another good option is to paint the facade of a house combining colors. Here are some ideas to combine colors in the home’s facade:

  • White and beige / brown: if we do not want to emphasize too much and that our house has a calm and natural aspect, the combination of white with beige or brown can be a good idea. The tone of the brown, yes, we do not recommend it very dark.
  • White and pearl gray: a combination similar to the previous one. With this we will give even a touch of elegance to our home. Of course, as we said above, it is best that the target is in the areas where the sun is most sunny.
  • White and red: if in spite of what is mentioned in the previous section, our dream is that our facade of the house has some striking tone, it is best to combine it with white. As for painting the interior of the home, it is advisable to choose only one or two parts of the facade (if possible, small) to paint with a striking color such as red.
  • White and blue: if, however, we want to combine white with an attractive color, but without being too bright, we can opt for a blue. As with red, we recommend only painting one or two areas of the facade with this color.
  • One of the most important thing for colors bring up all its esplendor is lighting, avoid common errors in this area.

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