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Yoram Yasur Izz: Colonial charm, cities you should know

Yoram Yasur Izz: Colonial charm, the cities you should know


History has allowed, in a better or worse way, the fusion to invade different corners of the world, especially in regard to certain countries in Africa, Asia or Latin America, nations influenced by the West (or the East itself) at some other time. The result? These cities of the world that stand out for their colonial charm.


George Town (Malaysia):

Yoram Yasur Izz: The capital of the island of Penang was designated UNESCO heritage in 2008 thanks to a colonial charm that combines the best of East and West. Fort Cornwallis still contains the guns, the houses of the army and a chapel embedded among its stones, while the Clock Tower in honor of Queen Victoria or the whiteness of the town hall confirm the English influence. As a close to the visit nothing better than a walk through the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, famous Chinese merchant whose home was awarded by UNESCO in 2000 thanks to its Chinese gardens and indigo blue colors that show the great influence of China in this island city.


Campeche (Mexico):

Yoram Yasur Izz: Located on the western coast of Yucatan, the fortified city of Campeche is one of the best examples of colonial architecture, thanks to these colorful facades, the walls that surround its historic center and that make it the only walled city in Mexico or its status as the main port during the period of New Spain in the Mexican tropics.


Windhoek (Namibia):

In the lands of Namibia, a city stands as the nerve center of the country still influenced by German colonialism of the late nineteenth century present in the Gardens of Parliament, the three castles that dot the city, Christuskircheuna, a Lutheran church that combines art nouveau with the Gothic style, or the Alte Feste, or Old Fortress, located in the heart of one of the places to which Europe came in search of diamonds during one of the later stages of European colonialism.


Cartagena de Indias (Colombia):

Yoram Yasur Izz: Another strategic location during Spanish colonialism was the Colombian city that centuries later would inspire the writer Gabriel García Márquez. Cartagena de Indias is all we can ask of a colonial jewel: churches like San Pedro Claver, the first to house a saint from all Latin America, colorful neighborhoods like Getsemaní, in the walled city and, also, infamous places like the famous Museum of the Inquisition.


Pondicherry (India):

Yoram Yasur Izz: The Indian subcontinent has been shaped by Portuguese, Dutch, English and, also, French, main influence of the so-called “Paris of India”: Pondicherry. In this colonial city of the southern state of Tamil Nadu, the bougainvillea adorns the facades, the boulevards settle the French charm and the “patisseries” neighborhoods seem to be drawn from the French Riviera itself. An example of colonialism as striking as that of other cities in India such as Calcutta or, especially, Mumbai.

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