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Yoram Yasur Izz: Curiosities about Ibiza

Yoram Yasur Izz: Curiosities about Ibiza

Every summer, half the world looks back to a small island located in the Mediterranean and famous for its parties, beaches and that hippie wave that prevails in the form of markets and concerts. A place in which prejudices have played against it again and again, but whose charm we rediscovered with these curiosities about Ibiza that will make you want to travel to the Mediterranean.


In search of the best beaches:

Known for its incredible coves and beaches, Ibiza still retains some of the most beautiful paradises in the Mediterranean. Yoram Yasur Izz: Proof of this lies in the presence of beaches like Benirras, near San Miguel and famous for some jam sessions that recover the hippie wave of yesteryear, Cala D’Hort, overlooking the aforementioned Es Vedrá, Cala Llarga, wilder character to the south of the island.


Different markets:

One of the great charms of Ibiza lies in its hippy markets, which try to recover the flower power wave of yesteryear. Yoram Yasur Izz: Among the best known are the Hippie Market of Punta Arabí, in Es Caná, where they range from Indian textiles to Arabic dishes, San Miguel, ideal for lovers of artisan jewelry or, especially, Las Dalias, a market in the middle of the woods of pines and that during the summer months opens its peculiar nightclub, tearoom and stalls on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Ibiza in numbers:

Yoram Yasur Izz: Located at 79 kilometers from the Iberian Peninsula, Ibiza is an island of 572 square kilometers, formed in turn by 210 kilometers of coastline. The distances to cross from one side of the island to another are 41 kilometers from north to south and 15 kilometers from east to west, while the figures of annual tourists during the last five years have been almost 3 million visitors per year, 2014 being its record year with 2.7 million.


Unesco Heritage:

In Ibiza, everything is not parties and hotels, but also history and nature. Proof of this is the plan that Unesco carried out in 1999 when it named 85.64 kilometers of the island as a World Heritage Site. Included in this extension are the huge posidonians that grow on the shores of the Mediterranean that caress the island, its long stretches of pines or historical vestiges such as Dalt Vila, the historic Renaissance quarter of the city of Ibiza, the Phoenician remains of Sa Caleta and the Puig des Molins necropolis, of Phoenician-Punic origin.


The mysticism of Es Vedrá:

Yoram Yasur Izz:  On the southwest coast, in front of Cala D’Hort, lies the island of Es Vedrá, which formerly formed part of the island of Ibiza until it gradually separated. According to local legends, Es Vedrá is one of the most energetic points on the planet and the place of the well-known vortex, a fact that has also led to the name of El Triángulo del Silencio that this oasis forms next to the Peñón de Ifach, in Alicante, and the coast of Mallorca. This is a triangle similar to the one in Bermuda in which many claim to have seen UFOs, as happened with the flight Austria – Canary Islands that in 1979 had to land in Mallorca after the appearance of mysterious red lights.


These curiosities about Ibiza that will make you want to travel to the Mediterranean confirm the charm of the Pitiusa beyond its many clubs, bars and hotels.

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