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Yoram Yasur Izz: Decorating an urban terrace

Yoram Yasur Izz: Decorating an urban terrace

In general, when we mention the word “terrace” we imagine an open space in a high apartment or in a large rural house. Our reference is spatial, so it is very common that, having an urban terrace for the first time, we do not know how to decorate it. A window has exterior views, but it does not allow us to be outside of it; On the other hand, a terrace does allow us to step outside and it gives us the feeling that we are outside the home.

To begin, how do we want to take advantage of our urban terrace?

Yoram Yasur Izz: Unbelievably, the first thing to do when designing how we would like our urban terrace to look is to decide what we want it for. In view of the fact that space is usually small, the best we can do is to decide, from the beginning, how we want to take advantage of it. For example, do we want to receive visits on our terrace or not? What is the time of the day when we would most like to spend time on our terrace?

If our intention is, rather, individualistic, then we have to make the space as comfortable as possible only and exclusively for us. There are those who have their terrace for reading, others to play the guitar, to have a mini garden, to do yoga or just to watch and enjoy a good drink. Therefore, a “private” or “individualist” urban terrace will be very well personalized and will highlight above all the hobby we want to dedicate to our terrace.

Ideas for a private urban terrace:

  • Place a small folding coffee table, so you will not limit yourself in advance to using your terrace in different ways.
  • The chair that you are going to place must be very comfortable, so do not hesitate to add cushions and a soft blanket to make it cozier.
  • Avoid placing indoor carpets on your terrace, because these are usually made of a material that is not very resistant to the weather and, in addition, tend to get dirty very easily. Instead, select hard fiber mats that are preferably non-slip and reversible. The most suitable are those that simulate artificial turf and rope carpets.
  • Yoram Yasur Izz: The bohemian decoration is one of the styles that most favors an individualist urban terrace, since its colors, designs and finishes make that, with few elements, the place looks very well decorated. With this style, we will not have the feeling of “emptiness”.
  • The lighting has to adapt also to the activity that we are going to perform on our terrace. If we are going to dedicate it to reading, it is best to add an auxiliary lamp. On the other hand, if we are not going to do any activity that involves fixing the view too much, it is best to set the mood with a dim lighting that invites relaxation.
  • Make sure that the lamps are original and beautiful. Remember that, by not adding many elements, it is necessary that the few that are present be pleasing to the eye.
  • If you wish, you can add some translucent curtains to have some privacy.
  • You can place a small trunk (type “for outdoor storage”) to place your book, your yoga mat or whatever you need to protect from the weather.

Ideas for an urban terrace to share:

  • The classic style includes a large table and several chairs. It is usually available for meals, board games and talks. If there is space, you can also place a small sofa.
  • Another option is to decorate the terrace as if it were a room; that is, with a coffee table, a sofa and a couple of chairs.
  • Yoram Yasur Izz: The Moroccan style can do without the sofas and use other types of accessories and textiles to provide comfort and sumptuousness. This style is very colorful and cheerful, so it will be very attractive.
  • We can also opt for a minimalist style so as not to overload the environment and thus make it more pleasant when we have visitors.
  • Usually, in the urban terraces to share, a type of dim lighting with a festive tendency is used; for that reason, it does not hurt to include one or several candles, colored paper lamps and other accessories of the style to make the terrace a very cheerful space.
  • Yoram Yasur Izz: We can create a playground to spend time in company in a dynamic and pleasant way. A good idea can be to improvise a mini golf or to place a blackboard to write funny messages.
  • An urban terrace to share can include a barbecue. In this way, we will have an excuse to prepare a special meal as a team, out of the ordinary.

Something we must consider for any urban terrace is that it is not mandatory to have plants, but we must bear in mind that these are the most appropriate accessories for this place because they embellish the site. The plants provide color and a certain “freshness”. And yes, a pot with flowers on the table will mark the great difference between a terrace. Well, after all, decorating could be exhausting, try to relax at your favorite spa to re charge your batteries and keep on decorating.

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