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Yoram Yasur Izz: Decorating with electric blue

Yoram Yasur Izz: Decorating with electric blue

The color blue is one of the cold colors of the palette, but it is very flattering in interior decoration. Its variations and its very different ranges make combinations of blue tones almost endless. Within the darkest blues, we want to present you the decoration of interior spaces in electric blue, without doubt one of the most attractive colors. It is a perfect tone, in addition, to contrast with more neutral tints, such as whites or earth tones. Yoram Yasur Izz: Likewise, this tone is frequently associated with glamor and elegance, which is perfect for salons and spaces where we will meet in society, but also for bedrooms and other corners of the home, for the versatility it offers.

How to combine the electric blue with other colors

There is a great variety of shades to combine with this elegant color. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, we will mix it with two types of colors:

– Light colors: white and beige

Yoram Yasur Izz: These colors, whites, cream, and nude tones are perfect to combine with the electric blue and give it an appearance of elegance and luminosity. We will be enhancing the light and lighting of light colors and we will use blue as a powerful contrast. Similarly, the color gray or coral will give us a similar result, the most glamorous.

– Dark colors: black and silver gray

Yoram Yasur Izz: The combination of electric blue, already a strong color, with black will result in greater elegance in the environments, although these will be much more muted, so it is wise to choose for this mix large and large spaces. The same goes for very dark gray. To achieve balance, you can enter light and bright grays, even whites, that help calibrate the contrast, as well as shiny or silver accessories.

– Bright colors: fuchsia, green, and yellow

Another alternative of combination of colors you will find it with bright colors like fuchsia pink, apple green or colors like mustard yellow. This mixture is highly recommended if you are looking to give a daring appearance to the interiors, but it must be carried out with great care because of the great chromatic load that all these tones provide.

Electric blue in bedrooms

The blue color is very good in bedrooms, since it helps us to relax while preserving the elegance and sweetness in these spaces. A combination of high aesthetic content is achieved through whites, lighter blues, and electric blue to highlight only a few elements. With these three tones, which will dominate the entire bedroom, we will achieve an aspect of comfort and we will be creating a luminous space of great beauty. It is ideal for young people’s bedrooms and highly recommended for female rooms.

Depending on the effect we want to achieve, we will combine blue with more or less colors, as we will see next:

  • The electric blue can be present in two or three important elements, (for example, in the curtains, in the headboard and footboard of the bed, in a piece of furniture, in the quilt …), then a softer blue will be incorporated and the rest of the stay will remain in a very pure white (on sheets, quilts, lamps, furniture and curtains) to achieve the desired effect. The combination of these three tones in the same piece of furniture or accessory (such as a lamp) will be a detail that will be aesthetically very interesting.
  • If what we want is an even softer bedroom dominated by pastel colors, the electric blue can be present in only one element of weight (like the wall of the headboard of the bed), or only on accessories or accessories such as a quilt .
  • If we prefer, we can integrate it only in one or two accessories, such as a telephone, a small piece of furniture or the lamps on the bedside tables.

Electric blue in living rooms

If we want to provide our living room, dining room or living room with a revitalizing and lively effect, we are certainly looking at a highly recommended color. Without abusing it, we can choose a wall for it, combining it with other shades of blue on carpets and cushions. The black, light colors and materials such as wood will make us create a space that will ooze elegance and good taste.

If we want to go further, we can introduce a color even more showy and luminous than the electric blue, like the previously mentioned mustard or some other shade of yellow, on carefully chosen complements. The yellow and blue are very good, although elements in white, gray, or black are welcome to contrast and not recharge the room. Also, lounge furniture such as armchairs, sofas and carpets on a light-colored wall will stand out in a chic and interesting environment.

We can also use the electric blue in other rooms of our house, such as:

– Kitchen: The electric blue will take care of making your kitchen one of the most elegant spaces in the house, which you can combine with elements and metal appliances, as well as with ranges of gray and white.

– Hallways and outdoor spaces: The halls and outdoor spaces will also welcome this seductive color. If you do not want to abuse it in decoration, you can integrate it into multiple accessories that will give the decorative note in a very interesting way. Take for example, small seats, appliances, lamps, watches, or chairs.

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