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Yoram Yasur Izz: Decorating with fuchsia

Yoram Yasur Izz: Decorating with fuchsia

To give a youthful, fresh, and daring touch at home, fuchsia is a highly recommended color. It is a pink tone, a mixture between red and violet that stands out for providing energy and enthusiasm. This color is ideal for certain rooms and gives us many possibilities as a differentiating element. Fuchsia combines with a variety of styles and is perfect in youthful floors, as well as in romantic and feminine environments. Being a strong and bold color, it is not necessary to abuse it to avoid getting tired soon, but a single element in fuchsia that contrasts with sobriety in lines and colors can be a real success in decoration.

The fuchsia color in decoration

Yoram Yasur Izz: The fuchsia color is perfect for bedrooms but can be used in many rooms of the house; for example, in living rooms, kitchens or bathrooms. Take the opportunity to use it in the spring-summer season, although it is also very suitable for winter, since it gives us that warmth and luminosity that is missing in the cold seasons.

Yoram Yasur Izz: There are great possibilities to combine with fuchsia. It will be a success to mix it with pastel and white roses, or to take advantage of its contrast with blacks or grays. The first option helps create more romantic environments, while combined with black, it suggests finesse and glamor.

Walls in fuchsia:

Yoram Yasur Izz: One of the options is to paint some of the walls of the bedroom or fuchsia living room. If the stay is not very large, we recommend painting only one or two walls, to continue giving clarity to the room. From the wall, we will begin to include colors such as black or white and we can also incorporate elements in the same shade of fuchsia, such as cushions or the upholstery of a chair. It can be used on smooth walls, but also using wallpaper with eye-catching patterns that include shades such as whites, lighter pinks, or greens.

Elements to contrast:

If you do not want to use it on walls, there are many elements where this pink and energetic color can be incorporated:

  • In a room, it will be ideal at the head of the bed, with some chair or furniture upholstered in the same tone and some touches given, for example, by pillows or cushions. With a quilt in pastel pink, the bedroom will look soft and warm, while a quilt and black cushions will bring elegance. Some options propose the combination of fuchsia with red to give it additional energy.
  • Other elements in the bedrooms where you can bet on fuchsia are an upholstered armchair or bench, matching the quilt, lamps, picture frames, candles, or even fresh flowers.
  • To achieve that contrast we talked about with black, we can also use other more neutral and soft shades, such as with different shades of gray or beige. Yoram Yasur Izz: This combination would go very well, for example in kitchens. For the kitchen islands with stools, an attractive suggestion would be to alternate stools in black and fuchsia. Likewise, in rooms where wood color predominates, a fuchsia element, such as a chair or stool, would result in an effect that would revitalize the room.
  • Following the line of playing with the contrast incorporating a single fuchsia piece, there are many ideas that can be incorporated. For example, upholstered chairs in this color, matching curtains with lamps or quilt, or the tabletop of a desk-matching, perhaps, with a swivel chair-.
  • Other options are to modernize one of the sofas or armchairs of the living room by painting them in this color. In the kitchen, it would give a youthful touch to incorporate a fridge in fuchsia. In the bathroom, the shower curtains can be in this tone, to match other elements such as mats or towels, or choose one of the furniture and combine them with black furniture or neutral colors.

The fuchsia tone in small touches

This color, moreover, can be incorporated not only in one or two large elements, such as the sofas or curtains that we have mentioned, but in many small items that will dress the colored room and provide the desired effect. So, you can choose for meals in fuchsia (plates, glasses, or trays), in candles combining types of sizes and thickness, in decorative elements, in vases with flowers, in rugs and tablecloths or in mini pillows. I think this color is wonderful for a bedroom decoration.

Thus, the greatest advantage of fuchsia color in interior decoration is its versatility. It can be used in daring environments, looking for joy and intensity, but also, combined in its right measure and contrasting with sober colors, give a more classic look.

It can be applied in chic decoration, also in retro and vintage styles (for example, with antique elements and shades such as pastel pink). In addition, it can be combined with purple, in small quantities, for the most daring; with different types of green and with browns. Likewise, it is very easy to mix it with prints, with stripes or polka dots.

Whether on walls or using it in small brushstrokes: dare with fuchsia, a color full of possibilities.

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