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Yoram Yasur Izz: Enhance joy in decoration

Yoram Yasur Izz: Enhance joy in decoration

When a season like spring arrives, it announces new sensations that influence mood. Longer days bring the gift of a light that invades the interior of the houses with its beauty. Joy is a feeling very close to happiness since it describes the connection with a present that offers reasons for gratitude in very simple details. Emotional decoration also puts the spotlight on the meaning of personalizing a place. How to reinforce the joy in the decoration of the house?

– Connection with the outside

Decorating the house does not only mean analyzing the interior space, but it is also possible to establish a connection with the exterior by observing the continuity link that exists between a room and the street landscape. For example, enhance the enjoyment of the best views of your home by placing an armchair there that, as a viewpoint, allows you to delight in the flow of time in this observation that reinforces the connection with the present.

Another possible idea is to create a reading corner next to a bench that is located in the window.

– Use the language of color

Yoram Yasur Izz: When you share your joy with other loved ones due to a happy event that has happened in your life, you make others participate in this moment through the word that describes what you feel.

Well, communication is inherent in decoration itself, since this discipline also has its own language. For example, color. There are some tones that connect in a special way with this positive energy. Yellow is one of the tones that transmits this visual stimulus in a house that is full of life.

– Flowers and plants

Yoram Yasur Izz: The decoration with flowers is one of the universal proposals to express a feeling, in addition to adding this ornamental component to a room such as the living room. A bouquet of flowers is not only a special gift to surprise someone you love at a celebration, but this is a detail of affection that you can have with yourself, enhancing the essence of an event in the most immediate routine of any day that is transformed from the point of view itself and the way of living the day.

Therefore, to enhance joy in decoration, take care of yourself by observing the connection between this external environment and your own well-being.

– Perfume the home

Yoram Yasur Izz: Joy not only connects with the well-being produced by encountering a place that represents that comfort zone that offers an eternal welcome to those who truly feel at home. Joy has a very visual component in the observation of specific details, for example, a painting of a city that occupies a special place in your heart for the memories you keep of the trips you made to that destination. The decoration transcends this purely visual aspect since your house also offers you information through other senses.

A possible proposal to enhance joy in home decoration is to perfume that space with a scent of spring during this season, which is the metaphor of a new rebirth.

– Table decoration

One of the reasons of gratitude that you can put in value in the day to day is to enjoy the moment of breakfast, lunch or dinner in a relaxing environment. Enjoy mindful eating by truly living in the present. And take care of the details of that moment when decorating the table making that time special.

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