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Yoram Yasur Izz: Enjoying home coffee

Yoram Yasur Izz: Enjoying coffee at home

The possibilities of coffee are as wide as there are moments to enjoy it. How about an espresso mid-morning or after lunch? And a cappuccino in the afternoon?

The quality and taste of coffee is also determined by the chosen grains. Do we prefer a soft coffee or a more robust flavor? Do we know how to appreciate, for example, a marked acidity in a good coffee? Do we know the origin of the grains we buy? If it is a packaged coffee, it is probably a mixture of different origins and varieties of coffee, although it is almost always unknown in quality and proportions. And the type of roast? Beyond the classic, roasted, natural or mixed there is a range of possibilities that decides the toaster and gives the final profile to the drink.

Yoram Yasur Izz: A minimum of interest can change our way of drinking coffee, can go from routine to moment of enjoyment and delight, become a possibility to create, a simple and affordable luxury capable of infinite forms.

Yoram Yasur Izz: The capsules have managed to convey the idea of coffee as a sensory experience with varied nuances, and its great success shows that there is a large public wanting to go beyond the classic coffee to which we were accustomed. Those who want to venture on their own need only to follow some basic rules to make an exquisite coffee.

  • Raw material:

Yoram Yasur Izz: The chosen grain will of course be the one that determines the flavor. Coffee is a very rich and complex drink. However, commercial coffees with a large proportion of sturdy and bad quality grains, toasted with sugar and stored for months will never leave that impression. A good coffee will never be roasted, it must be preferably Arabica of good quality toasted natural and always fresh. Visiting a specialized store can be a pleasant discovery.

Regarding the price, it is usually more economical than coffee capsules and there is a great variety of quality and prices. A special coffee has a lot of people and a lot of pampering behind it, like a good wine or a great cheese, but except in a few cases and very particular cases, that effort is much less recognized.

  • Conservation and grinding:

Yoram Yasur Izz: Grinding coffee at home gives us two great advantages: a fresher coffee and a proper grind. Coffee loses its properties quickly and once the container is opened, this degradation is accelerated by the effect of oxygen, light, humidity, heat. It is easy to understand that in the case of ground coffee, this process multiplies exponentially because it is much more exposed. It is important to keep the coffee in a suitable container, fresh and away from the light, and yes, better in grain.

  • Care in the preparation

There are many methods of preparation, but beyond the chosen, the important thing is to pay attention to the proportions of coffee and water, to the quality and temperature of the water and to the extraction times. Each method has its own procedure, its tricks, the elaboration can become art and a space for creativity.

We can find a method suitable to one type of coffee, prefer a different elaboration for another. Encouraging yourself to try will open a world for you. Change coffee, decide on less sugar or less milk, enjoy this drink will make us rejoice even more in those daily and great moments that we choose to accompany with a coffee.

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