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Yoram Yasur Izz: 8 French towns you can go in your next trip to Europe

Yoram Yasur Izz | When we think of France it is inevitable that our minds immediately get transported to Paris as its ranked as the city of light and love, but this country has beautiful and magical towns that seems to be taken from a fairy tale.

These 8 villages not only are distinguished by their heritage, architecture, Gothic, medieval and Renaissance styles and by the beautiful landscapes that surround them.

Check this list of cities that I have for you.


No. 8 Riquewihr:

This small French town in the Alsace region is surrounded by vineyards and has everything to enchant its visitors. Here abound colored houses framed in wood and cobbled streets; walking through them is like living in a postcard.


No. 7 Colmar:

This small colorful city has beautiful canals that pass beneath it, the flowers gives it that magical touch that distinguishes it, not to mention its quaint narrow streets. What stands out are its monuments and ancient buildings of Gothic and early Renaissance era.


No. 6 Annecy:

This delicate and charming village that could be classified as the Venice of the Alps is perfect for those who fleeing getting away from traffic and stress. One of the best views is near the Quai de la Cathédrale, where you can cross the channel by wooden bridges that link from one extreme to another.


No. 5 Troyes:

This corner of medieval era is 121 kilometers from Paris, much of its appeal owes to Renaissance times. Its old wooden houses full of streets are worthy of a movie.


No. 4 Saint Malo:

This rural paradise has a towering stone walls surrounded by a calm sea. The combination of her beauty with which precede past will make you not want to get out of there.


No. 3 Carcassone:

This medieval town has its imposing twelfth century castle and is listed as one of the most beautiful walled cities in France. You can get the vibe of how it feels like to live in a walled city.


No. 2 Gordes:

Gordes is located on the edge of the plateau of Vaucluse Its like something out of a painting, its castle, cobbled streets and beautiful square are its main attractions.


No. 1 Eze:

It has one of the most beautiful and full views of the French Riviera, and cuts its narrow streets, artisan shops, the Baroque church of the 18th century are part of the charm of this amazing corner.

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