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Yoram Yasur Izz :This is how the hippie culture influenced the current gastronomy

Yoram Yasur Izz : The food that many consume on a daily basis and which are now so fashionable are nothing more and nothing less than a “revival” of the products that were consumed in the 70’s. How is it possible?

According to Peter Meehan, director of Lucky Peach magazine, it is very simple: “the counterculture is always a step ahead of the prevailing culture”. Neither the bowl of acai nor the milk of almonds (not even the dates, the spices and the tahini) are products of this generation. Do you want to know more about this phenomenon?

Differentiate from tradition:

Deborah Madison, a chef and author of vegetarian cookery books, can trace the influence of her dishes and identify the 1960s and 1970s as the time when she fed on healthier food knowledge.

Yoram Yasur Izz: “They discovered different ways of cooking from what they had learned from their parents and began to become aware of the importance of each food in their daily life. Deborah clarifies however that today we have access to different cooking methods from those known at the time and that this improves the final product and allows us a wider way to enjoy it”.

Why does this search again manifest itself today?

Yoram Yasur Izz: “This return to the value of the food that Mother Earth gives us connects us with what is essential for life. Something that seems minimal or expendable becomes central to healthier life in the digital era, with a fast pace and excesses of anxiety, stress and depression”.

According to chef Gerardo González, “living in a virtual world, food becomes a safe and accessible way to add to our lives a bit of” reality “. This phenomenon results in a strange combination between iPhones and palo santo, technology and nature that allows us to take the best of both worlds.

An ever-changing paradigm:

According to Alissa Wagner, owner of a restaurant in Manhattan, a gradual but sustained transformation has been taking place that leaves behind the paradigm of a meat-based diet with its hypermasculinity restaurants. It is instead chosen to offer healthy menus, focused on unprocessed, organic, natural and full of life meals.

In addition, social networks and the Internet in general are sought to reach the greatest number of people with recipes that are easy to achieve and with ingredients that they can cultivate or obtain from local producers. Achieving balanced health and physical and mental well-being was once again the goal of feeding.

The granola you see today in the supermarket gondolas, the popular kombucha tea prepared and sold in monumental quantities around the world and the almond milk that you can add to your coffee at any Starbucks are not novel inventions. Although this are very helpful hints to obtain a nice figure and a good health, specially for men.

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