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Yoram Yasur Izz: How to choose your carpets

Yoram Yasur Izz: How to choose your carpets

Do you like carpets as a decorative resource for your floors? Choosing the most suitable rugs will give your home that touch of personality and warmth it needs. With their motifs, colors and designs, the rugs are a perfect option to dress the floors of the house, not only because they are decorative, but because they fulfill an important insulating function.

What should you consider when choosing carpets?

Yoram Yasur Izz: Take advantage of its properties to change the perception of space. Warm tones convey comfort and vitality, while cold tones relax the environment. Neutrals enlarge the spaces but are less suffering.

Carpets: materials for their manufacture

– Wool and cotton, the most common

They are the most widely used fibers for making rugs, due to the warmth offered by their footprint and their undoubted beauty. Combined with synthetic materials they gain strength and ease of maintenance.

– Variety of natural fibers

Yoram Yasur Izz: Economical, resistant, insulating and with the ability to balance ambient humidity. The most common are jute and sisal. You will see what a more natural feeling they will give your floors! Keep in mind that they accept all kinds of dyes, but they are sensitive to rubbing and direct action of the sun as it dries them out. Think that this aspect is essential when choosing the corner where to place them.

– New additions

Plastic materials, such as PVC or vinyl, are combined with others traditionally little used to make rugs, such as satin thread or hemp. The plastic ones, being able to scrub, are perfect for the kitchen and the terrace.

Where do we place them?

– In the living room: dressing the gathering

Do not forget that the carpet must be proportionate to the sofas: it is enough that it protrudes a few centimeters on each side. A wool or cotton one will guarantee a warm tread, the fiber ones are fresher and the smaller ones, more suffered.

– Dining room: bomb proof resistance

It must support the weight of the table and chairs, so you should choose a very dense and full-bodied that adheres well to the floor without wrinkling. Ideally, it should protrude about 60 cm around the perimeter of this to cover the chairs.

– In the bedroom: gentle footsteps

Yoram Yasur Izz: The wool and cotton ones are the most comfortable for walking barefoot. They are usually placed at the foot of the bed or on both sides. In children’s rooms, choose fluffy ones and avoid long-haired ones because they retain dust.

Choosing rugs: purchase proposals

How about we give you some hints for you to choose the style of your carpet?

– Classic: always eternal

Opt for a design of wool of Afghan origin, spun by hand and with natural dyes; Also, you can opt for an alpaca wool model with raised flowers.

– With character: originality without limits

It would not be a bad idea to think of a hand-woven wool rug, with motifs that reinterpret oriental rugs. What if you choose a made of cowhide and pony skin? Dare yourself!

– Different designs

Yoram Yasur Izz: Take a risk and try, how about choosing a large motif rug? You will see how decorative it will be. Of course, place it in wide spaces where they can be well appreciated.

As you see choosing the right carpet for your home is not a complicated task, follow our advice and you will see that you will be right. Do not hesitate!

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