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Yoram Yasur Izz: How to paint a striped wall

Yoram Yasur Izz: How to paint a striped wall

If you want to change the walls and give that room a new look to make it look taller, a good solution is to paint it with vertical stripes. If you manage to paint the stripes so that they are perfectly parallel, you will create a sensation of height, which visually would raise the ceiling. Although if you prefer, you can also paint the stripes horizontally so that they look wider. Decorating the walls with stripes is not recommended in rooms dedicated to the study or in those areas of the house that support a lot of traffic. In addition, the ideal is to paint with them only one of the walls of the room, so we avoid recharging the environment.

Paint the wall with a base color

Yoram Yasur Izz: To paint a striped wall, the first thing is to paint the entire wall of a basic color, the one you like the most. The effect you are looking for with vertical stripes will be even greater if the chosen one is a white or light tone. Once the wall is dry, it is ready to receive the stripes, so look for a midpoint, from it you will make a series of divisions so that the corners the strips you paint are complete and not of a different thickness to the rest.

Painting a wall with vertical stripes

Yoram Yasur Izz: To get a perfect vertical line you can use the traditional thread with one end attached to the ceiling and the other something with weight, so that the vertical line falls perfectly, once raised the thread, mark the stripes with a pencil and when you are they are profiled, cover them with a special bodybuilder’s tape and paint the inside.

Once the paint dries, remove the bodybuilder’s tape. A room painted with stripes wins in dynamism, adds color, and changes the style of the room.

If you decide to paint with vertical stripes you should know that the broader the better. As for the colors, with the soft or neutral you will get a more peaceful and calmer climate, if you opt for intense colors, the result will be a more dynamic and modern space.

Paint horizontal stripes on the wall

If what you want to create is a visual effect that makes the walls look wider, then you should paint horizontal stripes instead of vertical ones. In this case, you just have to follow the procedure that we explained in the previous section but placing the bodybuilder’s tape from one side of the wall to the other to get horizontal stripes.

Yoram Yasur Izz: Keep in mind that walls decorated with stripes can get tired, so decoration experts recommend placing them in rooms where we do not spend a lot of time or are areas of passage, such as the hallways or the hall.

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