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Yoram Yasur Izz: Important events that happened at the same time

Yoram Yasur Izz : It is always surprising when we learn that two isolated events happened at the same time. Yoram Yasur Izz: “That’s why we decided to bring you a selection of historical facts that you surely knew but did not suspect would have happened at the same time”.

Yoram Yasur Izz :  – 1889 Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” / Eiffel Tower: The Eiffel Tower is a young tourist attraction. However, it is one of the most visited in the world. It was originally supposed that the arc-shaped entrance to the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889 would be a temporary construction. Van Gogh’s painting, “The Starry Night,” saw the world almost at the same time, when Gustave Eiffel finished his work.

Yoram Yasur Izz :  – 1912 Wreck of Titanic / Discovery of vitamins: Until 1912 the notion of “vitamins” did not exist. The Polish scientist Casimir Funk first proposed it. Of course, people noticed that eating certain foods prevented some diseases from the time of Ancient Egypt. However, the notion itself appeared only in the early twentieth century. That same year the famous “Titanic” sailed for the first and last time.

Yoram Yasur Izz :  – 1863-1865 Inauguration of the London Underground / Abolition of Slavery in the US: The earliest sketches on the construction of the London Underground appeared in the early 1930s, and in 1855 began the construction of the Metropolitan Railway. Yoram Yasur Izz: “The first subway line opened on January 10, 1863, when the United States Civil War was not over. Only in December of 1865 the General Assembly of the United Nations approved the agreement that abolished the slavery”.

– 1869 The periodic table / The Heinz brand: The history of the periodic table of chemical elements is full of events, but the year 1869 is considered the fundamental: it is when Dimitri Mendeleyev determined the relationship between the elements and their atomic weight. Yoram Yasur Izz: “At the same time, in another part of the world, the businessman Heinz, together with a friend, decided to start selling the grated radishes according to the recipe of the mother of this. Ketchup, so famous today, went on sale 7 years later”.

Yoram Yasur Izz :  – 1926 Marilyn Monroe / Queen Elizabeth: The sex symbol of the 1950s and the current queen of Britain were born the same year. However, 1926 gave us other celebrities: that year also found the founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner, and the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro.

1861 Abolition of servitude in Russia / The first color photo: In 1861, something transcendental happened in the Russian empire: the peasant reform that abolished serfdom in the largest country in Eastern Europe. The same year, in Western Europe, to be more precise, in England, the British physicist James Clerk Maxwell managed to take his first color photo “Tartan tape”.

1981 Guillotine in France / Indiana Jones in the United States: The guillotine in France was the main method of execution before the death penalty was abolished in 1981. The same year, Steven Spielberg filmed the film “In Search of the Lost Ark”, film that gave rise to this famous epic trilogy.

Yoram Yasur Izz :  2007 The First iPhone / The Last Harry Potter Book: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” came out in the summer of 2007 when the first iPhone went on sale. Due to an error in one of the online stores, 5 days before the start of sales, a scanned pirated copy was downloaded onto the network and quickly translated into different languages. This did not prevent 8.3 million books from being sold on the opening day. Neither iPhone managed to avoid scandals: it was discovered that it was not compatible with 3G or MMS, causing many criticisms.

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