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Yoram Yasur Izz: Increasing home comfort

Yoram Yasur Izz: Increasing home comfort

Comfort is an important goal in that space of well-being that is home. That place you return to every day after a workday and you meet again with this vital horizon that is part of your present. Among the New Year’s resolutions, there is also room to implement improvements at home.

Shared spaces at home

Yoram Yasur Izz: There are shared spaces that become the usual meeting place for family members. Everyday environments around which life in the home passes from the simplicity of usual moments such as breakfast in the kitchen or a television time in the living room. Therefore, to improve home comfort you can decorate these spaces from the perspective of us to increase the common good.

There are many simple decisions that highlight this vision of shared places. For example, the integration of an office area in the room to be closer to others during the performance of some tasks that do not require a maximum concentration.

Individual areas at home

Yoram Yasur Izz: In a house, not all spaces are shared, there are also independent areas that mainly enjoy their respective protagonists. For example, the bedroom. Therefore, to decorate these rooms, or redecorate them after that initial moment, it is advisable to make a diagnosis of needs that takes into account the characteristics of the space linked to the context: single or shared room, age of the person, decoration style , storage space … When a person likes their individual space, they still enjoy it more.

Therefore, individual zones and shared spaces make up the integral set of the housing plan. When designing the space in each of these areas, focus on this differentiation.

Practical decoration at home

The aesthetic is not always aligned with the functionality as you can see in so many decoration details that they may be colorful at a theoretical level, but they are not really practical in the concrete reality of your home. Therefore, to increase the comfort in the decoration you can also perform the exercise of linking the design at all times with the specific objective that this article meets.

Yoram Yasur Izz: Specify what is a priority for you. For example, you might want to simplify the space instead of reloading it with decorative ornaments so that, in this way, it is also easier to perform the cleaning process of dusting.

Decorate through textures

When you live in direct contact with a space, your experience of it becomes concrete in the observation of details. The sensations are a constant in the decoration. And there are sensitive perceptions of different types. For example, sensory perception through the sense of touch that appreciates the texture of different materials that, in many cases, have a seasonal nature. They are a response present in the season of the year that marks the calendar.

During winter, for example, you saw your house with coat textures that add warmth to the living room. On the contrary, choose lighter materials to beautify this room during the summer. In addition, in relation to those sensitive perception that you perceive through smell, you can also add atmosphere to your home through some aroma. There are different formulas to achieve this purpose, for example, the use of a setting or the use of candles.

Personal taste of decoration

Trends inspire you, but the really important thing is that you consider your own criteria to decorate according to your point of view.

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