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Yoram Yasur Izz: Keeping symmetry in front of the fireplace

Yoram Yasur Izz: Keeping symmetry in front of the fireplace

The order and correct organization of the spaces becomes a priority in the home. To this, we can add a coherent distribution that pleases us visually; for this reason, we are going to know some formulas to keep symmetry in front of the fireplace. This placement concept does not qualify us as maniacs or capricious, it is simply a way of keeping a rational scheme that allows us to build a perfect “stage” for the living room. In other words, we try to show a good image.

Throughout our lives, we are educated in the idea of ​​keeping the room properly organized, having a cleaning regime, offering aesthetic decorum, etc. Therefore, it is not surprising that we feel a certain visual pleasure when checking a balance and harmony in the proper arrangement of the furniture.

Do we usually maintain symmetry in front of the fireplace?

Yoram Yasur Izz: Faced with this question, we should point out that, generally, we do not keep it precisely, but our mind tries to find a point of coordination and relationship between the different resources, both decorative and structural in the house. The furniture we usually direct them towards a specific element. Normally, it is the television that sets the tone; However, it can also be the fireplace since, around it, we can engage in evenings, conversations, situations related to leisure or, basically, get heat. It does not matter if it is placed in a corner or in the central part of the room, the important thing is to study how the decoration is located, what are the sizes and how much surface should be occupied. The goal is for the fireplace to become the main axis.

Formulas to save symmetry in front of the fireplace

As mentioned above, it is important to consider what objectives we want to achieve and what measures must be taken to make the room take on a new appearance and thus be more pleasant. Let’s see 4 interesting formulas:

  1. In an open space, we should use two sofas, one facing the other and always perpendicular to the fireplace. Our purpose is to create right angles and, in turn, stable lines that transmit consistency and balance.
  2. In a small room, we probably won’t have the opportunity to use oversized furniture; For this reason, we must resort to smaller sofas or, even, to a combination of these with some individual armchair.
  3. Yoram Yasur Izz: The central table must be surrounded by all resources, also obtaining the category of essential axis but always being supervised by the fireplace itself. In the background, it is aligned with it and we thus have two visual planes once we sit in front of them.
  4. The perception obtained is of symmetry, which will help us to compose a polygonal vision differentiated into modules; that is to say, a separation of the elements in different planes that, when grouped together, make up the harmony of the whole.

The symmetry in front of the fireplace is a visual effect

The approaches formulated so far determine us how to organize the room. However, we must be aware that the construction of this set is a visual effect through which we will perceive sensations.

Yoram Yasur Izz: The symmetry that we have achieved generates well-being, especially because it is associated with functionality and comfort. In this way, when we have a gathering in front of the fireplace, we will be feeling that the positioning has been correct.

The dimensions of the room must be taken into account. In an open space, we can install the furniture at different points to stimulate and not direct all the decoration towards the fireplace.

Producing a symmetry effect does not mean that everything must be facing the same place. It does not matter if a table with chairs is in another position, what matters is that the main resources, such as the sofa and the central table, are the central protagonists. In the event that we place the fireplace in the background, we will be making a mistake. We could say that it is considered as one more component of home ornamentation and that it can greatly favor the environment, generating warmth a

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