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YORAM YASUR IZZ: Lighting the house with lamps

YORAM YASUR IZZ: Lighting the house with lamps

Now a day is possible to that in some cases we are abusing too much of the halogen spotlights… they are very good to give a room a general lighting and when we want it is “a lot of light… but if we want a really studied and environmental lighting, we must also take into account the lamps, and there is a wide range to choose from, from classic to super modern.

In a room, the combination of both halogen spotlights on the one hand and auxiliary lamps on the other, is a perfect idea. If we have a dining table, the idea of ​​a lamp on the dining table is good. Of course, it must be perfectly centered with this table, and the builders do not always consider leaving the points of light centered with the correct distribution of the furniture. If our ceiling is plasterboard, it is no problem to change it… now that if it is plaque, it is already more problematic, but not impossible, provided that there is a good electrician willing to work.

Yoram Yasur Izz: Classic lamps can be combined with halogens, but we will always have to take care that the materials are the same, that is, golden halogens, golden lamps, chromed halogens, chromed lamps… etc. We have to keep a certain unit in the materials. You can also play with a ceiling lamp in the living area and a lamp on the dining table. Now those of tensioned lycra are very fashionable. It gives a lot of play a ceiling in this material, combined with a lamp in it.

Yoram Yasur Izz: For the corridors, there is no problem opting for halogen bulbs. Of course, we recommend that they can be tilted and airship. To be straight, we always have time.

In the bedrooms, however, we recommend more lamps of all styles… it will depend a little on the style we have chosen for the bedroom in question. They can be soffits, rails, lamps, but let’s try to always be centered on the bed, so we will not have problems with the height of the lamp.

Yoram Yasur Izz: We will play with the auxiliary lamps, which do not have to go to match the main lamp, but in the same material. It is not advisable, nor aesthetic to see a bronze lamp with nickel auxiliaries, for example. Although they do not match, we always respect an equality in materials. This will give them unity.

And if it is advisable to give a unit to the whole house… If we opt for a very modern line of lamps, follow the same line for the whole house. Do not jump from very classic lamps to very modern ones. But when buying them, our own taste will guide us in one direction or another. A little aesthetic criteria is enough.

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