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Yoram Yasur Izz The new photography trend, the conceptual photography

Conceptual Photography is the art of getting a “concept” in the viewer’s mind only with the content of a photograph. The main thing is that this photograph is not instantly at all. The idea is already there in the mind, all the elements necessary to convey the idea planned to get a “perfect” photograph to convey the concept, big or small, it is full of life.

Many times, the postproduction is used to give the image the final touch, but still many photographers prefer the old style to get the image directly from the camera. Conceptual photography brings out the creative photographer. This does not mean we have to spend hours or days thinking of a photograph so it’s a great image.


The concept:
Conceptual photography is, first, the concept of the picture. Yoram Yasur Izz: “A conceptual photographer is trying to bring a message about the viewer, whether a political ad or a social commentary or an emotional protest. There is a certain level of abstraction, therefore, in a conceptual picture: the picture is not an explicit example of the concept, but a general expression of the idea”.

Using the symbols:
Yoram Yasur Izz: “Conceptual photography makes a healthy use of graphic symbols to represent ideas, movements, moods, anything and everything the photographer might want to include in the message of the photograph. Symbols with strong and well-established connotations are generally used, a bleeding heart, clubs and even a dollar bill”.
Of course, a problem that conceptual photographers have is whether to use symbols that are universal, that is, if their photos and related concepts should be designed to be interpreted in the same way by all, or whether to play with ambiguities for a lot of different meanings. This brings us to another important feature or rather a conceptual distinction within photography.

Subjectivity versus objectivity:
If a picture is meant to be interpreted subjectively or objectively varieties considerably by photographer. Some conceptual photographers like to claim that the photo has only one objective meaning, and through his photography, strive to make it mean exactly the same for all people, regardless of their origin. While they can play with different concepts all day, and get some good photographs that convey a clear concept, will the meaning of a photo exactly the same for different people? This is the aim of some photographers.

Other conceptual photographers take the other extreme and try to take photos to be entirely subjective when interpreting them; it left to the viewer to decide what it means for them.

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