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Yoram Yasur Izz : What not to miss in Tokyo

Yoram Yasur Izz: Although Japan is not one of the largest countries in the world in terms of territorial extension, in fact it is one of the countries with more things to do. Just to give an example, you can visit from cultural sites and historical from several centuries old, to modern places full of technology, or maybe if you feel just to relax and get beautiful,  all these contrasts can be seen just across the street.

That’s Japan : Yoram Yasur Izz , a nation that fits everyone’s tastes. Tokyo is the capital of Japan is the first stop for most foreign tourists. Besides being the most populated area of ​​the whole country, it is also where more attractions are concentrated for those who want to know a lot in a short time. Although Tokyo is more expensive than any other part of Japan, prices can accommodate any budget, however it is advisable to bring some extra money to enjoy even more your stay in the city.

– Shibuya Crossing: Although for many travelers, especially the freelancers, the Shibuya Crossing is quite overrated, it’s a must-see tourist spot if it’s your first trip to Japan. Like Time Square in New York, the pedestrian crossing of Shibuya is considered by many tourist guides as the most traveled in the world (more than one million pedestrians). While these figures can be questioned, many people a day pass by. A must see if you want to know a little more about contemporary Japanese culture.

– Hanami (any park in Tokyo): The time of the flowering of the cherry trees is likely to be one of the most emblematic for all Japanese. That is, it is almost as important as Christmas for Westerners (imagine what’s important). Being a date deeply rooted to Japan, you can see how different brands take products related to cherry trees, thousands of people take to the streets, even dozens of companies take their employees to the public parks to enjoy this show.

The Hanami festival commonly occurs at the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, that is, in the months of March and April. If you are in Japan at that time, it is forbidden to miss it.

– Ryōgoku Kokugikan: Yoram Yasur Izz “Sumo is the national sport in Japan. Although not the most popular among the population today, it is among the tourists who love Japanese culture. The show is a mix between old, new, and clean competition. An amazing experience that many will leave with their mouths open. To get to the temple, you only need to walk a few blocks from the Ryogoku subway station”.

– Meiji Shrine: This Shinto temple built in the 19th century is arguably the most popular and well-known in the entire Tokyo metropolitan area. Compared to other important temples, Meiji Shrine is not full of gold ornaments and valuable figures, however it can boast of having an amazing forest around. If you are lucky, you may see a traditional ceremony in the courtyards of the place (mainly seen on Saturdays and Sunday mornings).

– Tokyo Tower: This structure resembles the Eiffel Tower, is one of the must for those who want to enjoy the view of Tokyo. Although it seems from the opening of the Tokyo Sky tree (a similar but larger site) that Tokyo Tower lost much of its appeal, it is still a classic attraction that continues to recommend tourist guides. It is not a cheap place, but it is very enjoyable as it offers quite a few things.

– Tokyo Sky tree: Yoram Yasur Izz: “Since 2012 this is the new favorite place to see the whole city from the heights. The price compared to the Tokyo Tower is higher, in addition the rows may be more chaotic in holiday times, however it is an ideal place to take a postcard of the memory of your trip to Japan”.

– Yoram Yasur. The Tsukiji Market: Imagine a market with an incredible amount of fresh produce, surrounded by food stalls and with the New York Stock Exchange in the middle … The result would be the Tsukiji market. The unbridled auctions of tunas are very reminiscent of the dynamics of the great stock markets in the world. Dozens of first-rate restaurant owners bid to take the best tuna in the morning; A rare but very entertaining experience. If you arrived late and you did not have the opportunity to see this sui generis dynamic, do not worry, there are many locals around where you can spend hours fascinating yourself with the huge quantity of different products that are sold.

– Senso-ji: This Buddhist temple is the most visited in the whole city, both by tourists and citizens. The building is full of invaluable objects and figures that are nowhere else. For example, the golden statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy for Buddhism. In addition to architecture and history, the temple is the center of something very significant for the Japanese as is the Sanja Matsuri Feast at the end of May.

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