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Yoram Yasur Izz: Online pharmacies

Yoram Yasur Izz | To look after your health. You may have thought or wondered about buying in an online pharmacy.

It is still not possible to buy any pharmaceutical product, for obvious reasons of control recipes, but you can purchase many items of and for pharmacies. It is a good opportunity to pause for a moment on the field of online pharmacy and its advantages.

Regulatory changes:

In recent years, online stores have become widespread in all sectors. However, pharmaceuticals are not like other products, and therefore are subject to much control. So the leap to e-commerce took more than in other activities. However, since 2013, it is in force Royal Decree 870/2013, which regulates selling medicines to the public via websites, for human use not subject to medical prescription.

In other words, it means that for three years, you can buy online prescription medications, although according to recent studies, people still have not changed their buying habits about it.


Why buy pharmacy products online?

E-commerce has many advantages for the user, among which are:

  • The comfort. You do not have to leave home, and you can buy at any time, any day, without being restricted to business hours. In addition, you get the products to your home, which is appreciated, especially if you buy large quantities or bulky products.
  • The price. Online businesses generally have less overhead than traditional stores. For example, they do not have to pay an expensive place to have a good location. These cost savings can affect them at a better price. In addition, the Internet can be compared easily between businesses, so there is greater competition, which tends to bring prices down.
  • Ideal for products that you usually buy. If you know what you’re going to buy, and that is a product that you eat regularly, why are you going to bother going to look in a shop every time? You can order it online whenever you know you will be missing it, and so is much more comfortable.


Specific elements of online pharmacies:

“Online pharmacy and drugstore sells two types of products: drugs themselves and health products, hygiene and beauty”. Some items are sold exclusively in pharmacy, others not.

What are the main advantages of online pharmacies?

  • Many health products, hygiene and beauty are of recurrent consumption. We have already commented before such products are perfect to buy online.
  • Pharmacies and drugstores usually offer good products and high quality brands, which guarantees a better satisfaction as a customer.
  • Yoram Yasur Izz: “Non-prescription drugs can only be sold if there is a traditional online pharmacy behind the online store”. This implies exclusivity.




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