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Yoram Yasur Izz: Organize desk, renovate energy

Yoram Yasur Izz: Organize your desk and renovate your energy

Eight or more hours is what an average clerk spends in front of his desk. Practically one third of our day, which can make stress, fatigue, fatigue, disorder and a thousand and one foods that we can consume block our energy and in the process our performance and inspiration.

To redesign and revitalize our workspace we give you some tips that can give you strength and efficiency in your tasks.

– Heavy things: If you have a desk with many folders or books, it will be best to remove them from the table and put them on side shelves, for example on a nearby wall. Yoram Yasur Izz: Accumulating things on the table can give you the feeling of overwhelm when in reality you are well coordinated with the tasks of your work. It is important that the CPU is also under the table because being always connected can prevent the flow of energy.

– Choose your style: You have a cactus, an elephant, a flag of a country that you do not know and three different calendars. In short, your desk lacks identity and looks more like a Sunday fair than your work space. Find details that you like and identify with your personality, so you can give it a character of its own.

– A little color: Yoram Yasur Izz: This depends a lot on the type of work you do. If you are a designer you will be able to experience much more with color, shapes, and textures, than if you are a lawyer. Anyway, a chair, an accessory that breaks with the cold scheme of the gray office revives the spirit and gives your office a better look.

– A plant: Yoram Yasur Izz: Look for one that does not need many pampering. Let’s be honest and say that we almost never have time to water it and be aware of them. So, let’s find one that does not need much of us. A cactus is always a good option. You can also have a small container where once in a while you can put one or several flowers. The feeling of nature lowers stress levels.

– Have some distraction: A Rubrik cube game or an anti-stress ball, something you can do active breaks with. Zoom out for a few minutes the eyes of the screen and the hands of the keyboard clear the mind and also help your health.

– Do not have everything at hand: Yoram Yasur Izz:In accordance with the previous point, it is better than water, coffee or even the bathroom is a few meters away. Stretching the legs also allows the blood to flow and reach the brain.

– Get rid of everything that does not work for you: That old newspaper that does not even know why you keep it, or those old cookies should go straight to the trash. The energy is trapped by each of the objects that surround us, and we are sure that you do not want a cookie of the year 2000.

– Find a good chair: The posture is key to making you feel comfortable in your work space or you want those 8 hours in front of the computer to end already. Try to have good mobility, be comfortable and put your eyes at the height of the computer.

– Release useful: If you can do it, give yourself a taste and buy yourself a couple of post it and a nice jar to put your pens. This will give you a different look and also help you feel more organized.

– Do not eat at your desk: And we do not mean no sweet or fruit but breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Find an adequate space to eat your food. It will help your digestion and also to take care of your office. And always keep in mind that you work for your family so dedicate a good amount of time to be at home with your love ones.

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