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Yoram Yasur Izz: Organizing and decorating small kitchen

Yoram Yasur Izz: Organizing and decorating a small kitchen

The vast majority of mortals have a small kitchen at home and that is not why the world ends. There are a multitude of solutions for small kitchens to look ideal and even seem much larger, than they really are.

It is always a good practice to have a photo session before you make the changes in decoration and another one after making them, you will be very gratified with the result or maybe you can have an opportunity to correct things you may forgot.

The kitchen continues to be one of the most functional spaces in the house, but that is why we should not give up aesthetics. The current storage solutions, as well as the increasingly careful design of household appliances, allow us to boast beautiful and functional kitchens at the same time.

Decorate small kitchens with charm

Yoram Yasur Izz: The variety of materials and furniture designs, countertops or faucets are also one of the main keys for our kitchen to adapt to our needs and decorative style. But what happens when the meters are short? These are some of the keys to take advantage and design small kitchens that do not look like it:

– White furniture

The white color, in addition to being timeless, will be responsible for reflecting the light and providing more sense of spaciousness in the case of small kitchens.

– All clear

It is important not to have too many things in sight. A small, clean, and tidy kitchen will always look bigger. To do this, we can take advantage of the current storage solutions that can make magic to hide most kitchen utensils. Yoram Yasur Izz: Vertical storage is perfect for small spaces, we cannot miss any of the centimeters that go from floor to ceiling.

– Furnish small kitchens

So that the two previous keys are fulfilled, in a small kitchen the fundamental thing is to install custom furniture. Furniture that goes from floor to ceiling to optimize storage to the maximum.

– Work tables

A good wooden board on the countertop, although it is small, will make us gain workspace as well as extra support surface.

– Integrated appliances

Yoram Yasur Izz: If we integrate the appliances with the same front of the kitchen furniture, we will expand the feeling of space. In addition, it is recommended that the doors be smooth and in light colors.

– Natural light

The small kitchens with natural light make the space always seem wider, In addition, if we have installed white furniture or in light colors, the projection of the light will be even greater. When it comes to lighting small kitchens artificially when there is a lack of sunlight, a good study of lighting, with a direct beam on the work surface, on ceilings and under the upper furniture, can achieve the same effect as natural light .

– Open kitchen

We have already stated on several occasions, open concept kitchens, without walls, with a bar or with a window without glass, will allow you to widen the view and give more sense of space. The small kitchens open to the American style dining room, are perfect especially in small houses such as apartments or studios.

– White tiles with glitters

In kitchens with few meters it is better to opt for a porcelain tile with white tiles, if possible, with gloss. The crystal effect will give depth to the space, making small kitchens a visually very different space.

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