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Yoram Yasur Izz: Organizing the living room

Yoram Yasur Izz: Organizing the living room
However proud we are of the new decoration of our house, if order does not reign in it, it will not be the same. Chaos is the worst enemy of domestic interiors. Nothing like organizing the room to check that you enjoy more surrounded by harmony and with each object in place. That’s why we never tire of looking for new tips and tricks that transform it into a temple of order. Like these.

We spend our lives in it, alone or accompanied by family and friends. So, we invest time and enthusiasm in having it to the latest in decorative trends. If so, organizing the room is key so that it is always perfect and provides us with all the comfort we ask for. We all like to find the control of the TV the first time, and not to spend months looking for the book on the shelf because there is no way to find it. Let’s see where to start fighting this small domestic chaos.

Organize the room to our needs:
Yoram Yasur Izz: The key to organizing the living room is to stop and think about all the activities we do in it. From our moments of leisure, to those hours that maybe we spend daily concentrated because our homework corner is enabled in one of its environments. Of all this it will depend that we need to have more ordered one zone than another of the stay. Or all because we are passionate about balance. In short, our hobbies and routine tasks will determine which points are the most sensitive in the heart of the house.

Undoubtedly, the furniture plays a decisive role to start organizing the show successfully. But not only will the weight rest on him. Yoram Yasur Izz: There are other elements on which we can support ourselves to accentuate the harmony, as those auxiliaries and seats that allow to keep inside. Without forgetting to apply a maximum of gold. Play with optical resources that visually reinforce the sense of order. What sounds good?

The furniture that shows:
Yoram Yasur Izz: Nothing better to start organizing the room than to have that furniture nearby that allow you to see inside. This way it will be possible to make the most of its holes to store and at the same time exhibit the stored with a very attractive aesthetic. Almost like the decoration reports that captivate us in our portals and specialized magazines.

Specifically, I bet on the windows and the low and open shelves. Especially if we are romantics of paper books and we do not know where and how to place them. And the same happens with our collections of old edition magazines. So wonderful and vintage. But where to put them? Maybe we already have some of this furniture and therefore it is only a matter of emptying them. And if it enters our plans to incorporate some more to the stay, it is a fantastic opportunity to choose a design with these characteristics.

The modular showcases give a lot of play when we talk about organizing the room because they have enough storage capacity. And the fact of being able to add bodies is an infinite advantage. As they are furniture that carry glass fronts, it is very important to take maximum care in the arrangement of your objects. The visual order and bet on the symmetry will be our great allies.

So that they do not seem excessively overloaded, the ideal thing is to make staggered shelves moving them from height. This way we can place on the one hand our favorite decorative pieces, such as vases and glass containers or ceramic bowls. And on the other pile boxes and books of different format. The secret is that these small still lives are well compensated and distributed, even in their colors. And reserve the bottom for everything that weighs more and greater volume.

Auxiliaries that are a treasure:
When it comes to organizing the room, another fundamental mission is to lose sight of those small tools and appliances that invade everything. Have them on hand but saved, out of our field of vision. For example, electronic devices, remote controls, and their respective cables. Not to mention the newspapers and supplements that go from the sofa to the table and vice versa. And of the blankets and plaids that seem to have a life of their own and there is no way to keep them stacked and folded.

The best thing is to look for a specific site for each of these elements that generate chaos. And it is not difficult at all. The large poufs that allow storage inside are a discovery for all those textiles that we need to store when we no longer use them. And in passing we add an extra seat to the room. The same happens with the auxiliary tables that are also small storage points. They are undoubtedly an invention and their modern designs are phenomenal in rooms decorated with a modern and informal style.

Yoram Yasur Izz: When we look for ideas to hide the remote controls, the tapes of games and movies, nothing like resorting to solutions of a lifetime. Magazine racks are those hundred percent effective auxiliary pieces to have the usual readings on hand without disturbing them. And we can also be as original and modern as we want because there is something for everyone. Wood designs, made with recycled materials, minimal, or adaptable to hang on the arm of the sofa. Very comfortable.
The boxes with lid will also be of great utility for our controls and tapes. Especially if we propose a classification by colors and sizes. Organizing the room in a country is as easy as that.

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