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Yoram Yasur Izz: Planning a business trip

Yoram Yasur Izz: Planning a business trip

A business trip is not usually the most enjoyable tourist activity, in fact it is the antithesis of vacation travel. However, we must consider two concepts: organization and functionality. With these terms we can make our business trip an enriching experience in a destination that can offer many possibilities. In that sense, today we will talk about how to organize a business trip.

Question of flights:

First you must consult our agenda, order dates, and focus on the closest and priority trip. The train and plane have Business Class and if we book in advance by Internet we can obtain numerous discounts and we will lay the base to organize the rest of the trip with tranquility.

Yoram Yasur Izz: Regarding the suitcase, first we must not carry excessive luggage. If our trip is two or three days, two suit suits, hygiene items and the work equipment will be enough items to carry in the suitcase. Documentation is also another key aspect and very linked to business trips. Having the corresponding tickets leaves us a margin to acquire visas, print the boarding pass and organize all our work documents to continue working during the flight.

Once these three aspects are organized, we must focus on the main element of our trip: accommodation.

The ideal stay:

The hotel is the essential element of a business trip and we must consider two characteristics: proximity and functionality. It will be convenient to analyze the situation of the congress or meeting center where we will move and locate the nearest hotel to save time in a possibly unknown city.

There are numerous websites of business hotels, luxurious or more economical, which usually include discounts and first a work team, that is, conference room, high speed Internet connection and work material. In this way we can continue to carry out our work from the hotel after the day’s activities and activities. A matter of functionality and effectiveness.

Yoram Yasur Izz: Another important element is the displacement between hotel and airport. The transfer will save us from having to face an unknown city, as well as being efficient and fast, which is essential in a business trip. Hotels of this type usually offer a transfer that departs punctually at the time of arrival of business tourists, establishing a primary displacement. If our flight had stopovers where to stay overnight (better to choose direct flights) there are numerous hotels near the airport and many times also focused on business tourism.

The icing on the trip:

Yoram Yasur Izz: Once we have solved the two previous points in advance, we may have time to investigate about the destination we are going to visit, position of the fair of congresses or street maps to move more easily. This study of the place will facilitate a stay in another situation would be somewhat stressful as we should know a city in which we will be about three days and with the rigidity of schedules that involve business travel.

Learn a few words of the language, customs, or gastronomy, are basic aspects in which we must develop effectively and allow us to better adapt to the people and situations that will arise in the destination, gaining security and confidence in ourselves.

Yoram Yasur Izz: Organization and functionality are the two key elements for our business trip to be perfect. This type of tourism, increasingly abundant and expanded, can offer many possibilities, it can even give us ideas to plan our next vacation.  Although nobody can deny that is nothing like coming home and sleep in your own bed.

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