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Yoram Yasur Izz: Popular interior decoration ideas

Yoram Yasur Izz: Popular interior decoration ideas that are not practical at all

Often, by exploring new decorating ideas, we are convinced that everything that is fashionable and popular becomes not always comfortable or appropriate. What for a long time was your dream, today may end up being completely inadequate for you. For example, instead of a popular mega shower cabin, you can now advocate for a minimalist shower corner. And so, with everything. Yoram Yasur Izz: We collect the most common mistakes in interior design and we provide you with the solution. We show you what mistakes when decorating can be avoided so you can boast of a cozy and modern home.

– All rooms with different styles

When remodeling, do not forget that your home is a unique whole. Therefore, the rooms should enjoy something in common between them. If they are all very different from each other, you will feel uncomfortable, and worse, it is likely that the decoration of your house will end up irritating you sooner rather than later.

– Children’s furniture

Yoram Yasur Izz: Children’s furniture may look cute, but soon you will be bored, both you and the child. And often, these types of rooms are planned by parents who once dreamed of them. The tastes of children change quickly, so it is always better to opt for something practical to not change the furniture whenever they are boring or tired.

– Glass tables

Yoram Yasur Izz: This type of interior elements give the space more lightness, but they will not make your home more original, and sometimes, they can end up being simply dangerous and impractical, because the prints are always present in them. If you really want to add lightness to a room, opt for a mirror and metal elements. As for the table, always better to choose it from another material.

– Impressions and images on the walls, floor, or ceiling

Perhaps someone likes floors with optical illusions, ceilings stretched with images or wallpaper with photos, but it is worth remembering that this causes the interior to be low cost and attract additional attention that is left over. It is better to opt for the classic and decorate the space in many other possible ways.

– Being too aware of new trends

Yoram Yasur Izz: If you are constantly attentive to all decorative trends and you are following everything dictated by fashion, you will find it very expensive, your bank account and your nerves will suffer, because fashion has the characteristic of changing too fast. Therefore, it is always better to opt for what you like and what suits you, to constantly pursue new decorative elements that are coming to market.

– Neon lights

Some time ago, beds, ceilings and other “floating” elements were very fashionable. But a room with this type of lighting, especially if it is too bright colors, resembles a solarium or a nightclub. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere, it is always better to hang garlands, they will create a comfortable space.

– Minimum of colors

Do not choose two of your favorite colors and project the entire interior using this formula. It is better to choose neutral colors and complement them with details of your favorite tone. Otherwise, your cozy home may end up being boring in excess.

– The terrace as a storage room for unnecessary things

If you are the lucky owner of a closed terrace, do not use it as a warehouse because here you can create another cozy corner and enjoy beautiful evenings there.

– Beige shades

It is worth leaving the beige color in the past, as its abundance will detract originality from any interior space, even opting for the most luxurious items. If you like light tones, then make them basic and complement them with vivid details that will bring that special touch to your home.

– Giant plaster furniture

This type of furniture, in the first place, occupies too much space and, secondly, over time, many unnecessary things accumulate in them. It is much better to choose a small table for the TV, or even hang it on the wall.

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