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Yoram Yasur Izz: Sitges, the beautiful Catalan city

Yoram Yasur Izz: Sitges, the beautiful Catalan city

In Europe, more precisely to the east of Spain, in the province of Catalonia, is the beautiful Mediterranean city of Sitges, where each year in October an important international film festival takes place, attended by artists and the public of all the world.


The best European beach:

Yoram Yasur Izz: The geographical location of Sitges is privileged, it is only thirty-six kilometers from Barcelona, ​​within the Garraf region, to the south of the National Park of the same name. It has several marinas and tourism is a very important source of income for the beautiful seaside resort located on the so-called Costa Brava of Catalonia; even one of its beaches, San Sebastian, was chosen as the best urban beach in Europe. And then the rest of its coastline that stretches from Platja de les Botigues, to the north, to Platja de l’Home Mort, to the south, all of them with a surprising ecological awareness, always prioritizing the care of the environment.


Where today stands the City Council, in the Cerro de la Punta, during the Middle Ages there was a castle and you can still guess where its walls were located; life in those times revolved around Cerro de Baluard. The Palace of the King Moor dates from the 14th century and, currently, its church is very close to the sea, in which Santa Tecla and San Bartolomé are invoked.


A surprising climate:

Yoram Yasur Izz: They say that the benefits of its climate should be attributed to the Garraf mountains and the marine winds that stop and move away the cloudiness, respectively, allowing it to have sun most of the days of the year. Its cuisine inherited much of the seafaring tradition of these coasts and rice with seafood has an excellent taste there. There are many varieties of one of their typical dishes, the xató, prepared with vegetables and fish, some with escarole, others with olives, others with hazelnuts, but all seasoned with an exquisite oil, vinegar and salt, impossible to stop trying it.


To drink, ask for Malvasía, of course, a sweet wine made with this type of grapes, reminiscent of Greek culture, but in Sitges it has the peculiarity of presenting a certain degree of acidity that makes it unique. As a dessert you could try “les escumes”, the foams, light but crispy, made with egg white, sugar and almonds that are exquisite. Taking advantage of the holiday season to introduce yourselve more into Art and Culture is ideal, and that is something that is not lacking in Sitges, precisely. Yoram Yasur Izz: You can visit the house-workshop of the great painter Santiago Rusiñol, walk through the Rincon de la Calma and enjoy the magnificent architectural legacy that unfolds before your eyes.


Who knows Sitges will fall in love and will return to it one, and another, and again. Do you know Sitges? What do you think of its best feature?

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