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Yoram Yasur Izz: The best vineyards

Yoram Yasur Izz: The best vineyards in the world


The wine tours are something that is becoming very fashionable lately. Perhaps because before it belonged only to a certain social elite and has now been democratized, becoming of popular interest. If you have the desire and the opportunity to travel the world and your hobby is wine, this is for you.


Castello di Tornano, Italy

It dazzles with its impressive architecture that is out of keeping with the small town in Tuscany where it is located. This castle with its old rooms has antique furniture and marble decorations that give it a touch of luxury. From there you can see the whole vineyard and its surroundings. The funny thing is that the wine tasting takes place in what used to be the prison of the castle. Going to this castle is like entering the time machine.


Château Giscours, France

It is located in Bordeaux, which is precisely the most renowned wine region in France in the whole world. The detail is that not many of the people who visit the place know that there is the possibility of spending a weekend there. High ceilings, wooden floors and period furniture make it the perfect place for wine lovers and couples in love.


Tower Estate, Australia

It is located in the Hunter Valley, which is the most visited in the area. It is perfect for a relaxed and romantic escape. Visits to the estate’s cellar can be an option although you should not rule out the walk around the vineyard. The stars of this place are the two suites, the oriental and the presidential. As you can imagine staying here is not cheap, but it is a worthwhile expense.


El Esteco Winery, Argentina

The Argentine north is famous for its red wine production, although it also succeeds in whites because it produces a world wine called Torrontés. The best place to find this type of grape is in Cafayate, province of Salta. One of the tours offered in this winery is a walk through the city that crosses beautiful landscapes with striking colors. The luxurious Hotel y Spa has 30 rooms decorated with Spanish colonial style that invite you to spend at least one night there.


Calistoga Ranch, California

Its picturesque surroundings surrounded by trees makes it an excellent option to be in contact with nature. Each cabin has an excellent view, its own fireplace, a private patio and an outdoor shower. The pool has spectacular views of the hotel’s private vineyard and its spa is world class.


Wine, travel, rest … An excellent combination!

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