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Yoram Yasur Izz: This German city says NO to the coffee capsules


Who would imagine that these seemingly harmless, containers would represent a major threat to the planet? In Hamburg, environmental activists advocated to fighting for the use of the famous coffee capsules to be prohibited. But how this delicious, easy to use at home things, can be such a bad thing for the planet? All those saved trips to Starbucks and the thought of getting out of the house for coffee will be vanished forever?




The request they made is based on the materials the cups are made off, because they are very difficult to recycle, in addition their environmental impact is very high, if people keep using them there will be so many trash of this kind, that if we stuck them one after another, in one year, their length will be around the world and it will take decades of work to clean up the environmental disaster that it is causing.

That’s why the City of Hamburg has decided to react and prohibit its use in all institutional buildings under the allegation that taxpayer money cannot be used to buy this kind of highly polluting products. Do you want to know Yoram Yasur Izz´s opinion? I think this is such a great idea, because many people use taxes for silly things, all countries should adopt this trend!

This type of packaging cause consumption of resources and the generation of unnecessary waste, and it often contains aluminum contaminants. The big problem is that the trend of this form of consumption is increasing. It is expected that this business focus to produce 100% biodegradable packaging, which is already being done in New Zealand. In 2014, the largest producer in Germany, Keurig, sold 9.8 billion capsules estimated that only 5% of them were recycled.
The company has committed to making an ecological 2020 version, but with the current rate of consumption four years may be too late.

For environmentalists this is such an important problem, but for us “normal” people it´s like…mmm, I don’t care, but we should actually care about this, the planet earth is a borrowed home, if we keep contaminating it, we will be the responsible of destroying it. There are so many organic and ecological products out there; we should start changing our habits into a more conscious way of living and inform ourselves about if what we are buying and doing has consequences in the environment. Reference: Yoram Yasur.

What do you think of this initiative? I think is great! Give me your opinion, send a message to Yoram Yasur Izz.

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