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The vintage style is perfect if you like to put old things in your room since that way you can give it a retro and novel touch at the same time. It is a unique style that allows you to express art by appreciating what is no longer part of everyday life and linking it to the new. If you want to give this style to your room, look at these tips to decorate a vintage style bedroom.

  • Balance and imbalance in vintage decoration

Yoram Yasur Izz: One of the characteristics of the most notorious vintage decoration style is the balance with the colors you use. If you are going to use a strong and light color like orange, do not put colors like black in the rest of the bedroom, try to keep the shades of the colors balanced.

Use good objects that you find among the garbage or the dumps, wash them and put them as vintage decorations on the wall. If you find any kind of decoration that may work or you like, try repainting or repairing it and use it to decorate the bedroom. You can place birds as decorations on different parts of the wall.

On the shelves, arrange things in a meaningless way, for example, a vase next to some books, and those books next to a jar, or the jar over the books, but always accommodating in a striking way.

  • Decor with vintage style furniture

To decorate the bedroom furniture vintage style, you can put cushions of different colors and with different figures creating a unique style. Try to make people contrast each other with their own colors, that is to say a headboard of one color, and a lamp of another, or a cushion of one color and another of another color.

Yoram Yasur Izz: Put shelves on the wall, they will take up little space and will be very useful for vintage style decoration in the bedroom. In them put objects found or artistic. You can even make small floral arrangements.

Yoram Yasur Izz: You can put a bureau that also serves to put books, clothes, toys, statuettes, try to accommodate it so that everything is noticed differently and with an old classic style. In addition to this you can add unexpected things, instead of putting a vase on a table, put it on some chair, bench or on a roll of old paper that you have for a long time, this way you will give a more vintage touch to the decoration of your bedroom

Yoram Yasur Izz: All this will help you if you want to have a more personalized retro or vintage decoration. You know, follow these simple tips to decorate a vintage style bedroom and decorate your bedroom.

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