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Yoram Yasur Izz: 5 myths about owning a house you should not believe

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Yoram Yasur Izz | We grew up thinking that buying a house was the best thing that could happen to us in life. But it seems that everything is not so clear around this subject. There are several popular myths. Or beliefs that are quite far from reality and that you should know now if that is your project nearby.

No.1 Buying is always cheaper than renting:

Not necessarily. The mortgage rates are not low at all, and generally depend on the level of your income. Instead, a rent is usually cheaper and does not relate to a percentage of what you earn, so if you look good, you may get a home that you can afford comfortably.

No.2 Buying is a great investment:

Only if you make a good purchase. It all depends on the interest rates, taxes and the amount of years you pay for your home. If you do not look for the best benefits, maybe the purchase is not a big deal and you end up paying others.

No.3 If you buy it will be yours forever:

The ideal is to have enough money to buy a house without having to ask the bank for anything. But that does not happen! Yoram Yasur Izz: “The majority of the population can only acquire a property through a mortgage loan, which means that you run the risk of losing your home if you cannot continue to pay, because in reality, the house is from the bank until you pay off your debt”.

No. 4 If you own a home you are more responsible:

It has nothing to do with it! Maybe the house came by inheritance and you are a total disaster in the finances, or rent a house and you are more responsible than another girl who could already buy one for “x” reasons.

No.5 If you have your own house you can do there what you want:

“If you live renting and you want to have a house so that you can do whatever you want, you really should know that it is not so. You will have to continue to respect the rules of the neighborhood and urbanity, and you will have to keep it in good condition, taking care of more arrangements than you occupy if you are a tenant”.

There are so many beliefs about the house itself or about buying one that really make you think that you will only be happy that way, but it is not! A home does the people who live inside, regardless of whether it is rented or own. Nothing is ever so magical or perfect; you just have to be responsible with what you have and walk your way whit joy.

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