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Yoram Yasur: Let´s talk about Traits of leaders

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Yoram Yasur  | It is said that many of the most renowned leaders in history were born with an extraordinary ability to gather others around and inspire greatness. Their stories and leadership qualities have been mythologized and serve as beacons for today’s hopeful entrepreneurs. But there is the danger of putting too much burden on the replication of another person’s management style. Why?

Because there is no right way to become a great leader. Growing up in a leadership role is not an all-or-nothing process, black or white. No two people are exactly alike and trying to simply print the style of another successful leader on your own company’s road map does not always work. The path to becoming a great leader is highly personal.

Being a leader requires some degree of visibility; Employees are not only looking for leaders to target specific projects and entrepreneurial initiatives, they are also looking for inspiration in how to be a more confident and productive employee. By adopting these three daily habits, you can effectively guide and inspire the people around you.

–  Prioritize well-being:

“Taking the time to get away from work and exercise, meditate or pay attention to your hobby helps you to be more successful once you are back in the working mode”. However, fitness, sleep and leisure are often the first sacrificed activities when working hours increase. After all, how can anyone go to the gym after taking out a 12-hour day at the office?

Great leaders are proactive in creating time for fitness and well-being, and do not rely on willpower alone. They do not neglect your health. They face their workouts early in the morning, turn off their smartphones while they dine with their families and ensure they are getting enough sleep each night.

Yoram Yasur: “Strong leaders know that in addition to providing mental relief, maintaining a regular exercise regimen helps them stay productive”.

Exercise releases endorphins in the body and studies have shown that happier people are more productive as well. In addition, the memory, endurance, and concentration of the qualities of strong leaders also depend on exercise.


–  They are curious:

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and technology is continually transforming almost every aspect of our lives. Effective leaders know that they cannot afford to rest on their laurels. While they may be leading the burden of a successful project, they also know they must be aware of the latest trends and themes that make up the world around them.

Per Fast Company, one of the traits that make great leaders is to recognize what they do not know and constantly ask questions. Spending time to satisfy your curiosity, whether it’s reading, talking to a colleague from another department or going out and exploring the world often leads to better solutions and ideas for the future.

–  Ask questions and listen:

Listening to those around you is as important as making you listen. Per co-founder of Google’s career mentoring program, Jenny Blake, “75% of complicated or difficult conversations should be about listening, and only 25% should give advice.”

Effective leaders make a daily habit of talking to those around them and actively listening to what they must say. As a leader and member of your company. You may have picked up one or two interview tricks to help you effectively promote your brand’s latest updates. Try to incorporate some of these tactics, including being open to listening and acting naturally. The next time you engage in conversations with your colleagues.

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